Stroller Running and Exciting Sock News!

Started my day with 3 easy miles with the stroller group this morning.  I love our current route through the pretty streets of N T Town and the UPS campus.  Two hills for a good leg burn, but the rest of the route is really nice and easy.  By Wednesday I’m so ready for a more relaxed pace and chit chatting with other running mommies. 

It makes me happy that when I tell Sky we are going to the store to run she responds with “This is going to be fun”.  Love my little runner!

I wanted to share some super exciting news on the gear front:

The ONLY running socks I wear are Pro Compression and have them in almost every color.  I am so excited about these, I just hope they make them in the Knee High version because that’s (almost) all I run in.  I may just order these anyway for walking.  So fun! 

FYI – sign up on the website for the newsletter and get the sock of the month discount code every month.  It’s good for 40% off which makes the knee highs affordable for sure! 

I was asked today what difference the knee highs make and all I can share is my personal experience.  I don’t really get into the scientific studies behind all the different gear because they all contradict each other.  If I’m having problems with something and there is something out there that may help I turn to blog reviews and customer reviews and decide from there to give it a try or not.

One of the biggest reasons I used to hate running was because I get shinsplints just thinking about running, let along actually running.  I also get horrible calf cramps.  I had gotten to a point that I wanted to up my running game, but things were acting up and I needed help.  Enter Pro Compression knee highs.  From day one the shinsplints ended and the calf cramps were kept at bay.  Don’t get me wrong my calf’s still hurt after long, hard runs but I don’t get cramps in the middle of the night or during runs.

I have tested out going without the knee highs and even after just 3 miles the shins fire up, so I know for a fact they work.  You may remember I went on a very challenging trail run this summer (check it out HERE) with tons of elevation gain and loss and my legs were jacked up after.  Notice in those pics what I’m missing…my socks!!!  It was so hot and I have issues with heat stroke so skipped the knee highs and wore the low trainers.  I could hardly walk after, but I put on my Pro Compression the next day(s) and it made a huge difference with recovery!

Keep an eye out for the spring line up.  I’m sure they have lot’s of great new things to share!

For the daily Sky pic:

I created a bin of dried beans and rice so she can “help” cook dinner when I’m working in the kitchen.  She is on a huge “I make soup” kick, so I asked her to make soup and gave her containers to scoop the mixture into.  She was happy for almost an hour using her new kitchen toys.  She took it very serious. 

What’s the one piece of running gear/clothing you must have on every run?

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