Happy Monday!

I hope it’s a free day for you like it is for us!  Hurray for long weekends…I feel like we need the extra day too.  The Monday after divisional playoffs and the Monday after the SB should always be Holidays!  Yesterday’s games were exciting to watch for sure! 
The upside of my team not being in the playoffs is I get to relax and truly enjoy the games.  While I wanted the Broncos and Hawks to win (even though I like the 9ers and am a Kap fan I went with the home team for my Hawk friends) I wouldn’t have cared if they lost.  None of the teams involved are the Steelers so it doesn’t really matter.   
Before the football fest started we headed to the park so Sky could play and I could get the .7 of a mile that I needed to reach my weekly mile goal.  I overachieved and ran 1.3 miles, and since it was a short run I focused on running fast.  It’s not fast for some but 8:52 is blazing for me!  It was only for a mile though so nothing to get too excited about.   
    Same park, but this pic is from Friday.
I totally had visions of getting 4 to 5 miles on Friday and 4 to 5 Saturday or Sunday, and overachieving my mile goal for the week.  But, life happened and other things took priority.  I’m fine with that though.  1/2 training starts in a few weeks and I’m going to have to plan around running instead of running around life.  It’s all about balance, and I’m still going into this training cycle with a higher mile base than with past training cycles.  

I had grand plans of a nice long run today, but we are picking up a new bed for Sky, and after that we have some unexpected plans that may or may not lead to an exciting, unplanned development for us, in the near, or near’ish future.  And, no we are not adding another family member.  Vague blogging at it’s best and most irritating!  Sorry, but that’s all I’m willing to share.

Why do we need a new bed for Sky?  Well, friday while Michelle and I were having fun at JT, Sky was having fun jumping on her bed with Grace and Kiera.  So much fun that the bed broke!  That’s the story Mark and Bob are sticking to anyway.  But after this type of behavior from them in the past…
…I’m pretty sure they were jumping on the bed with the girls!  😉
Despite Sky’s best efforts to fix it the bed is done.  Thankfully a friend of a friend has a twin bed, mattress and sheets for us, and we are picking it up today.  Sky gets an even bigger girl bed, lets hope this one lasts a bit longer than the toddler bed did.    
And, because I need to delete a ton of photos off my phone, and you only really care about Sky pics anyway, here are some random ones for you…
It took about 20 min for this oil change and Sky talked to herself in the mirror the entire time!
 The babe and baby (I can’t really call her a baby anymore can I?!) having a dance party!

Babies, babies everywhere!  Another friend had a baby and we finally got to meet her a few weekends ago.  Sky was in baby holding heaven!  

Questions for you: 
Hawks vs Broncos…who’s going to win?
I want the Broncos to win, but won’t be disappointed if the Hawks win.  I just really like Peyton and really don’t like Sherman…don’t even get me started on his behavior after the game last night.  (And this is why I am now crossed off invite lists to friends SB parties).
Do you have a game day dinner?
For us it’s tacos.  Every Football Sunday we have tacos.  Quick, easy (meaning I don’t miss much of the game when cooking), and yummy!  For SB I will do a crock pot meal though…I don’t want to miss the commercials!
Kiddo’s jumping on the bed ok or not?
I’m a little torn on this one, because Sky loves to jump (girl needs a trampoline) and I don’t really see the harm in it, but don’t want to be replacing beds all the time either.  Oh, maybe we can keep the tot mattress and put it on the floor for her to jump on!

Since it’s MLK Day and he had a dream…Tell me What’s your dream? 
I have a dream for a world filled with understanding.  When you understand why a person does/says/acts the way they do…understand their beliefs and experiences it helps take away the anger and judgment.  Understanding does not have to mean agreement, but it often times does mean a bit more kindness and compassion. 

I realize this is a broad generalization some people/situation don’t warrant understanding or compassion…one example – extremists that think murder/racial or religious cleansing is ok…I don’t feel the need to understand them/that type of behavior.

Enjoy your Monday and take a moment to reflect on MLK and what he stood for and worked for! 

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