adidas Glide Boost Test Run #2!

You may recall THIS post last month where I test ran the newest addition to the adidas boost family – the Glide Boost.  While I liked the shoe I really wanted a chance to test run them when I was healthy.  That run felt clunky and heavy because I was sick.  I was pretty sure it was my legs and not the shoe that felt so heavy, but wanted another shot at them to make sure.

From the December test run.
I had an opportunity to give them another go today with the stroller group and guess what…I LOVE them!  
While they do feel different from the energy Boost (my first true running shoe love forever) they still feel really good.  There is enough of the Boost material that you get a nice rebound off the pavement, but it also feels like there is more support and structure.  It would be a great long slow run shoe since it has a bit more support.  
The energy Boost feels like a light, fast, I’m going to PR every time I put them on shoe.  The Glide Boost feels close’ish to that, but also feels like it’s giving you some TLC while your doing it.
A sizing note I’m a half size smaller in the Glide vs the energy Boost.  I think that is largely due to there being more room in the toe box of the Glide vs the energy Boost.  The energy Boost is a much closer, sleeker fit.  Not that the Glide is clunky at all, it’s not, it’s just a bit roomier which is another reason it would be a good long, slow run shoe…feet swell the longer you run.  Thankfully the stretch in the upper of the energy Boost totally makes it work for me during 1/2’s (my longest distance currently).           
 adidas Glide Boost
I’m not going to lie I think adidas has it figured out!  Both the Glide and the energy Boost feel amazing.  While the energy Boost will always be my race day shoe I think there is a place for the Glide Boost in the shoe rotation!  
I highly recommend trying them on and test running in them if possible.  It’s a totally different feel from other running shoes, and it’s pretty amazing!  I have to say that while the energy Boost is still my current fave the Glide Boost impressed me so much today that I almost went so far as to say they were my new fave!  They are that awesome!  
Thank you to Kelli and adidas for joining the stroller group today and letting us take the Boost family for a run!     
What is your favorite go to running shoe?

P.S. – I forgot to mention as always this post is 100% all me.  No one asked me to review the shoes or post about them.  I just love them and like sharing info that may be helpful. 

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