Weekend In Pics

Ok, a few words…because I was bad a$$ and ran in the wind/rain storm to beat my mile goal for the week.  To be honest it didn’t rain the first half of the run, and it was downhill, so my time was amazing…sub 9!!!  Who the heck do I think I am?!  The second half was mostly uphill, it started raining and the wind was in my face like crazy.  I didn’t even notice it was windy the first half, because it was at my back (hence the sub 9!), but man when I turned around and headed home it was insane.  I thought I would blaze it out back home, but not running into the wind.  I decided to treat it like resistance training and embrace the workout my legs were getting! 

It feels so good to start the weekend with a run!  I didn’t feel the least little bit bad about sitting on my butt the rest of the weekend watching playoff football!  All I know is that next weekend’s playoff games are crazy good match-ups! 

On to the pics:

Friday at the Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia.  We found a hidden little corner with fairy’s and a tea party.
 She loves this feature at the museum.  She fishes the water out and feeds them into a tube that shoot’s them into a net over her head.  We spend tons of time here every week and she ends up soaking wet head to toe!
  Reading her current fave book with Daddy.
 She was watching Mickey Mouse Club house and checking the game every few seconds as well.  🙂
I hope you all had great weekends!  Anyone else looking forward to next weekends playoff games?!  

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