The Danger Of Stroller Running in the Wind…

…is that when a strong enough gust comes along you may lose control of your stroller!  I should have known better than to head to Chambers Bay for a run on a windy day.  It is always twice as windy there with the wind coming right off the sound.  But, I really wanted flat and easy since it was windy and raining.

It’s awesome that her stroller has a full cover on it, but when one small edge of it isn’t cinched down all the way and a big old gust comes along you had better hold on!!!  I almost lost control of it and Sky almost got to test out the roll cage.  She thought it was great fun, “wee, do it again” is all I could hear as I was wrestling to get the thing back down on all three wheels.  Fun times.  

After I got in my 3 miles Sky wanted her turn to run.  Thankfully she has new Carhart’s and they are perfect for running around in the rain, stomping in the mud, and puddle jumping!   

Carhart’s and rain boots…what more does a girl need?
Sky has started singing all the time, and apparently putting on new overalls is an occasion to sing.  She put them on and then stood there singing to me about playing in her overalls and all the things she would put in her pockets. 
 That look is her “how fast can I get away from mom and will she chase me” look.
All the way home all I heard was, “I run like Mommy!” 
She was a soaking wet mess by the time we got home, but that’s ok.  After a weekend of being stuck inside due to stormy weather, and sitting around watching football, we both needed to run around in the rain today!   Plus, meeting my weekly mile challenge is so much easier if I get a run in on Monday!

Anyone else doing a winter running challenge? 

P.S. There is a link to the blogs new twitter account on the Right.  It’s pretty much strictly for sharing blog posts and running stuff.  I’m not a huge Twitter user and only started my account to follow what was my favorite running blogger who has discontinued her blog but still has her Twitter account and is doing business that way now.  Anyway, there aren’t a ton of tweets, and I don’t know how active I’ll become, but it’s there if you want to follow along. 

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