Asked – Answered

Every so often I do one of these posts because I get asked these, or similar, questions pretty often.  But, before I offer any answers let’s be clear about something, these are my answers and mine alone.  They reflect what I’m experiencing in my life and in no way are a judgment/commentary on others choices, opinions, parenting styles, life decisions etc.  So, nobody take anything personally!  

I probably get asked these first two question the most!

Are you still enjoying being a SAHM (stay at home mom)?
Yes, yes, and yes!!!  If I wasn’t I would be back to work already!  Not to say there aren’t “terrible two” days that the thought of daycare sounded like a great option.  Only kinda kidding.

Are you worried about finding a job when you’re ready to go back to work?
No, should I be?  I think I’m a pretty employable person.  I’m in a unique situation in that I don’t have to take the first job that comes along.  Obviously we are making the single income thing work, so I can narrow down the job search to the jobs/companies I really want to work for.  I have a very short list of possibilities compiled and have contacts/possibilities in some of the things I’m interested in.  My all time favorite job in the world was drive thru coffee stand and have always said I would love to get back to that, but I also really love running/fitness/outdoor stuff so who knows where I’ll end up.  I doubt it will be back to a 9-5 desk job though…I have zero interest in going back to that kind of work life.

When are you going to run a marathon?
That answer hasn’t changed…as of right now never.  I just don’t want to.  It’s a huge commitment and I don’t want to dedicate the time to the training and to making the fitness/food changes that I feel like I would want/need to make.  I find running 5k’s, 10k, 1/2’s, etc plenty challenging.  There are always PR’s to chase and other things to perfect.  I’m not even close to being satisfied with my 1/2 time…there is a solid 21 minutes that needs to come off.  Running a marathon is not the only way to challenge myself as a runner!  If I ever start to feel like my running life won’t be complete until there is a marathon under my belt then I’ll reconsider, but for now I’m very happy as is.

Sky Pic Break!

  Not so safe Safety Tower!
When are you sending Sky to Preschool?
As of right now there are no plans to send her to preschool.  We aren’t apposed to an affordable option if we found one, but with me not working it’s not really something we want to/can afford.  That answer leads to the next question…
Aren’t you afraid she will be behind when she starts school?
No I’m not.  The “knowing things” piece I’m not worried about at all.  I have tons of teaching tools and feel like Sky is right where she needs to be, her Dr. agrees, and thinks preschool from a knowledge standpoint, wouldn’t be the best use of our resources.  So the only other issue is a social one and her ability to listen to a teacher.  As a SAHM it’s my job to get her out of the house to play groups, story time, free preschool at the museum etc to ensure she is well adjusted.  At this point I have zero concerns, if that changes then we will reconsider.  
What do you like the most about being a SAHM?
That I get to see all her firsts for myself.  Every new word, skill, shenanigan I’m here for and get to be a part of it all first hand!  I love being there when she learns something new or does something (even if it’s a no, no) for the first time.  I know what lead up to all her firsts and how much effort, practice, time it took to master new skills and words.  
What’s the hardest part of being a SAHM?
There are two things.  1) The 24/7 work schedule gets hard at times.  My week days look just like a weekend day.  The sameness of it is hard sometimes.  2) Feeling like Sky is limited to my knowledge/imagination.  I can only teach her what I know and her adventures are limited to my creativity.  Thankfully there are lot’s of resources in the community like story time at the library, play to learn, outings like the stroller group and frog n kiwi so she gets input from other adults and kiddos. There is a whole big world out there with so much to learn, see and do and just because I haven’t done something or know about something doesn’t mean that Sky should miss out.  So I put a lot of effort into new experiences and knowledge for both of us.  
Another picture break…
 Best part of being SAHM = all the cuddle time!

What is your top piece of parenting advice?
Two things…try an amber teething necklace!  It may sound too “natural” for some, but it worked great for us.  After the first two teeth came in and we got the necklace we never gave her Tylenol again for teething.  Heck we didn’t even know she was teething until new teeth showed up.  Worst case, it doesn’t work and you end up with a really cute piece of baby jewelry. 
Second, give baby led weening a try!  Skip all that jarred, mushy, yucky tasting baby food and give real food a try.  Do your research, read a book about it, and then give it a go.  Sky is the most adventurous eater ever and we have very few food issues with her.  Dinner time has always been a pretty easy, fun experience with her and there are very few (I can only think of two) foods she doesn’t like.  The only down side I can come up with is she is picky in that she won’t eat anything bland, she loves big, flavorful, beautiful food!  Good thing I’m an adventurous cook! 
Isn’t it hard running with the stroller?   

Umm…YES!!!  That’s why I’m a bad a$$!  Seriously yes it is really hard sometimes, but I love how much Sky loves it and that she runs with me now at the end of my runs, so it’s totally worth it!

Last picture break…

          Took her to pick out big girl undies, totally thought she would go for Mini Mouse or Tinkerbell…nope all she wanted were the Car’s ones. So she is rocking little boy undies.  No picture of that though…she is too young for those kind of pics on the www!  
Why the Steelers?
My Dad’s cousin, Ray Mansfield, played for them in the 70’s and won two SB during his time with the team.  I never met Ray, but have grown up with all the story’s etc.  On top of it being a family thing I just really like old school, hard hitting, play in the mud type of football and the Steelers are that kind of team, and a well run organization that doesn’t put up with off the field antics.  Big Ben being the exception.
This last one may be the million dollar question:
Are you going to adopt again?
Not at this time.  It’s a financially and emotionally challenging process.  We added the perfect little girl to our family and have the most amazing birth mother in our life and things feel pretty perfect just the way they are.  If there was a situation and someone came to us and said here is a baby we want you to adopt it, well then that would be a conversation for sure.  
I get a ton of adoption related questions.  I’m more than happy to answer them, but it’s too much to get into on the blog, so if anyone does have any questions regarding adoption please feel free to ask in the comments or vie the email on the contact page.  
I’m a pretty open book and I don’t mind the questions at all.  I find some of them funny, and am surprised sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me, so ask away and I will answer them.  
My turn!  
I want Super Bowl predictions!!!  Who is it going to be playing the big game?  
I think Hawks and Broncos.    

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