Winter Run Challenge

I was on the fence about doing a winter run challenge.  Mostly because I’m pretty good at getting out there and running, I like it too much not to do it!  But, after yesterday’s painfully slow and just down right not fun run I figured I could use the added incentive.  I knew I would regret all the cookies, wine, and not running during Christmas.  Maybe a stroller run wasn’t the best “first run back” run, but Sky really wanted to run as well.  Actually running her pace felt pretty great.  

It’s all right though, I’m giving myself this week to get back into it slowly, then next week I start pushing the pace to get back down to speed.  Perfect timing because the challenge starts next week!

Check out HERE to register for the free challenge.  There are different levels you can pick, each week you reach your goal you are entered to win a prize, and it’s free!!!  The hardest 6 weeks of running are here and this will for sure help me get my a$$ out there!

The last two days have been fun around here.  One of my favorite things about Christmas in E WA is unpacking everything once we get home.  Most of the gifts go right into bins for safe and easy transport home, so we don’t get a chance to use them.  It’s almost like Christmas again when we unpack and get a chance to actually use/play with the stuff.  I’m really loving the new entryway table and dishes I got!  No more ugly brown plates/bowls in my food pictures!  

It looks so much nicer than what we had and it takes up less room which is really nice!  Sky was always on the verge of cracking her head on the old one when she was running laps through the house.  

Sky loves her horse to pieces.  Even when not rocking she just sits on it and is constantly playing with it’s tail and moving it around the room so it’s always right next to her.   

I have a lot of pictures from last week that I didn’t share.  I have to say it was really nice being less connected for a few days.  I could easily get used to that!  anyway here are a few pictures from our time in E WA…

Sky’s tablet was one of the few gifts we did open and start using.  It came in so handy when she needed a few minutes, or a bit longer while we wine tasted, of quiet time.  BTW – that is not her glass of wine!

Wine, wine, wine…you can’t really visit the Red Mountain area without going to at least one winery, it’s practically a sin!  Terra Blanca is within walking/running distance of my Aunt and Uncles which made it the easy choice for a quick visit. Their Block 8 Syrah is really one of the best I’ve had!

That is a lot of wine glasses for just 4 people…and now you know why I don’t run when we are over there.  Wine does not make great hydration for running.

My Aunt and Uncles very unique and beautiful Christmas Tree.  It was all red, green, and Santa themed.  It was a little shocking at first, but once you get over the idea of how a traditional tree should look it is really beautiful. 

Thank goodness Mark found this indoor play option because it was in the low 20’s to mid 30’s most days, and that is too cold for Sky to happily play outside.  She needed an outlet big time for all that energy!  Columbia West Cheer has indoor play areas that are open to the public for periods of time and is only $5, but we got in for free since it was our first visit.  Sky must have liked it because it was a huge ugly fit when we left. 

She spent a good 30 minutes in this play kitchen cooking and organizing everything.  She was so content being in charge of her own kitchen, plus this was one of the few areas non of the other kids seemed very interested in, so she had it all to herself…such an only child! 

Watching a moving with her new BFF’s.  It must have been a serious part of the movie?  

A few pictures of Christmas Morning.
 I’m already missing the clear, blue, sunny skies that are E WA. 

 Someone across the river from my Aunt and Uncle put on a pretty impressive, pro quality, fireworks display.  Sky LOVED it!  

Don’t let the bright sun fool you, it was really cold outside!  We only lasted about 20 minutes at the park before we had to warm back up.  
I’m really thankful that we get to spend time over there with family we love!  It’s always pretty laid back and easy going which is really nice given the busy flurry of the season. 
A few down days and then New Years Eve!!!  
Tell me…how are you ringing in the new year? 
I’m running 5 mile drive with Michelle New Year’s morning.  First run of the year, and a great way to start the year! 

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