Food Comma

I feel like I’m in a Christmas Food/Wine Haze!!!  So much yummy food some sweet, most of it not.  I have had way more steak and potatoes the last two days than I eat in a month.  It’s all been so good, but my tummy is ready for real world eating again. 

Totally ready to get back to running too.  Kinda wish I had my running stuff with me.  But, everyone needs a break now and then, so I’m embracing that and enjoying the down time.  Besides, it is really cold over here, so staying warm with wine and sweats is fine with me! 

A few pictures from the last couple of days. 

My Aunt and Uncle’s very cool Christmas Tree.
Wore her out with presents and playing…all snuggles the rest of the day!
Crazy beautiful sunset last night!  Perfect ending to a perfect day!
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed/is still enjoying lots of family time!  I feel like the most fortunate girl in the world with all the lovely and thoughtful gift.  More importantly though I feel lucky to get to spend the whole week with my family.  It makes my heart happy!  

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