Run/Football/Pack/Clean the House Sunday

So much to do to get ready for all the Christmas fun that I won’t be sitting on the couch watching football all day.  It’s ok though, the games will still be one and I will be watching my FF championship game closely, I simply must win this year!

Before all that though I had to get a run in.  My favorite loop was calling my name, so I laced up and headed out for a quick little 3.85 mile run.  Had to get a last run in before hitting up the east side of the state.  My track record for running over there is bad.  As in doesn’t even exist.  I don’t plan on changing that this visit either.  Not going to lie…it didn’t feel good.  In fact I think an old injury has come back and I’m not happy about it.  The arch of my left foot hurt from start to finish.  My knee and hip hurt too, but after a mid-run walking break (I just couldn’t do the hill…was trying not to vomit by that point) those calmed down and I was able to finish the run with just the arch pain, and tummy trouble.  Too many treats, and too much wine!
Still glad I got out there, and now I can focus on stopping the arch issue before it gets any worse!

 Unless their trail shoes, then they should be dirty.  Shower time for me and my Energy Boost’s!

While I’m sad our unexpected trip to San Fran was cancelled (I won’t get to see my favorite people and Sky and I will miss lunch with Liz) it does free me up to take this week off from running, and focus solely on family time.  Realistically I knew running in San Fran wasn’t going to happen, and two weeks of no running just doesn’t work for me at all…which meant some hilly, windy, painfully cold air runs this week.  I’m kind of glad I can take a break and focus on celebrating time with loved ones and relaxing instead!  Plus, there is something about my Aunt and Uncles house that just makes you want to put on pj’s and snuggle all day while watching classic Christmas movies.  

We had an early Christmas Celebration with friends Friday night.  I didn’t take very many pictures…we were too busy eating and drinking.  Ok, mostly drinking the yummy cocktail Michelle made!  Which is why I didn’t get a run in yesterday!


Sky and Abi watching Polar Express

She takes gift opening very seriously! 
Using Pictionary cards makes for a challenging night of charades!

Yesterday after re-hydrating with NUUN (the upside of being a runner is always having hydration on hand) I took Sky to the park for some play time.  Pretty much the only time we go to the playground at Ft. St. is when it rains.  We like having the playground to ourselves.  The reality is it’s usually so overcrowded that it’s way to easy for Sky to get lost in the crowd and give me a panic attack!   
“I balancing!”

She spent a lot of time in this playhouse…out of the rain. 
Once we got home it was time for her first cooking lesson!  She is loving the kiddo sized utensils she got from Bob and Michelle!  She is all about “Look Mommy I Cooking” so it’s exciting for her to have her own utensils and do her own “cooking”.  She chopped up her own lunch and snacks for today with Daddy’s help.
I don’t mind that it’s going to be a busy Sunday, with Football as the background noise.  It will make getting all the laundry and packing done so much more enjoyable!  Plus, I love coming home from trips to a clean house.  It’s no fun unpacking in an already messy house!   
It will be limited posting next week…focusing more on enjoying family time than posting. 
Merry Christmas and safe travels to all!   

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