From The Kitchen – Moroccan Meatballs

Before I get to the yummy recipe I must share this picture of Sky.  I can’t put my finger on it, but it may be my most favorite picture of her, and that’s saying something given how many pictures of her there are. 

Maybe because it’s totally candid, she had no idea I was taking the picture, or that I had left the room to grab my phone even.  For the most part she is a rough and tumble girl, so maybe it’s the total girlishness of this picture that I love? 

All I know is that she was so excited about her dress, tights, and shoes.  She kept prancing around and twirling and showing off her dress to anyone who would give her 2 seconds of attention.  Thankfully she walked right up to Santa, asked him to look at her dress, and then climbed up and posed pretty as can be.  Not like last years crying episode at all. 

The crying came when it was time to be done with Santa and let someone else have a turn.  She took off at a full sprint through Nordstrom, crying and screaming her head off.  Sadly I was not in running shoes, so it took a bit to catch her.  Thankfully someone hip checked her and she went sprawling which allowed me to catch up with her.  Fun times…but at least the Santa picture is perfect!

On to Moroccan Meatballs!  Yet another recipe/reason why I must run my a$$ off!  I have to say everything I have made from Well Fed has been a keeper, and in most cases I make it again the next night because we love it that much!

You can find the original recipe on the Well Fed Blog, click HERE to check it out!  I served ours with Quinoa and it was really good!  Trader Joes has roasted, salted pistachios that put this recipe right over the top for yum factor!  Plus, they add the perfect amount of salt to the dish.  
Since it’s snowing here it’s going to be a non-running day for me.  Without a treadmill at home and no gym membership my only option is running outside.  With my knee feeling a little weak (running through Nordstrom in dress shoes didn’t help!) I’m not risking slipping and sliding around in the snow and twisting something.  More core work today, and hopefully I’ll get a run or two in over the weekend.  It’s supposed to turn to rain at some point and I really want at least one more solid run before taking off to visit family next week.  
I am excited to get Sky out in the snow and see what she thinks about it!  
Anyone else playing in the snow today? 

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