Trail Running at the Park

Even though my plan was to keep Sky home and chill all day yesterday she kept asking to go to the park. So we bundled up and hit the trails for a little trail running, and leaf inspecting.  Thankfully it has warmed up around here and it actually didn’t feel too chilly.    

Sky really loves it when we visit the park without the jogging stroller.  She knows it means she gets to pick every trail we take and she is in charge.  On my non-running day’s I try to get her out there and let it be about what she wants to do.  We run, we inspect leaves, we toss rocks in the lake, watch the ducks, meet new dog’s, and run some more.  
She got about a mile of running in before she started getting tired, and slowed down to walk and be goofy. 
It turned out that running a little bit at Sky pace seemed to work out the pain in my knee.  I spent time trigger pointing and foam rolling at home, and hit the hot spot that knocked the rest of the pain out.   
I let her puddle stomp all she wants at the park, but she wasn’t having it yesterday.  She flat our refused to get her feet wet.  
I asked her to show me her new gloves…she loves them.  Every time she fell and got them dirty we had to brush them off and pull them all the way back on before she would calm down.
I was so excited to find this surprise Christmas Tree on the trail.  Sky was a little confused and kept asking me to turn the lights on.  Such a simple little thing for someone to do, but fun to find when your not expecting it.  
Nap time has been challenging since the move to the toddler bed.  Even though she is tired, and still needs a nap, the freedom is proving to be too much for her.  She is constantly getting up and hiding in the closet to play with toys etc.  I really thought she would conk out yesterday because the park wore her out.  She even asked to go night, night.  But, she was up playing, reading her books, and yelling “Get me out of here”.  I let it go for a while in the hopes she would fall asleep…being sick I knew the rest would do her good.  Sure enough she fell asleep, but not in her bed!  I wanted to check on her since it was so quiet all of a sudden, but the door wouldn’t open.  I got down on the floor to see what was blocking the door and found out it was her face. She slept that was for a a little over an hour.  
So looking forward to the group run tonight!  I’m trying to get some good quality runs in before the Holiday’s and all the good food (ok all the wine…the wine it what makes getting up and running in the morning next to impossible!).  I’m taking my running stuff with me, but when it comes to visiting family I’m pretty terrible about finding time to get any runs in.  Especially in the painfully cold weather on the other side of the state.   
Anyone else traveling for the Holidays?     
I’m just thankful our travel is just a 4 hour drive and no flying involved!  

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