Last Race of the Year and a New PR!!!

Santa Runs Tacoma was a success!!!  New 5K PR people.  It was totally the antlers and the socks that did it!  😉

adidas Energy Boost getting it done for me!

Old PR – 27.56, new PR – 25:56!  A 5K time in the 25’s has been my goal for two years and I finally did it! I know for some that isn’t very fast, but maintaining a 8:30’ish and below pace for a whole race (even a short one like a 5K) is really hard for me, and I’m super proud of myself for doing it!  
Mostly I was excited about how good I felt.  Don’t get me wrong, it was hard, and I had to stay super focused to do it, but I felt strong, confident in my ability, and nothing hurt at all.  I knew I had it.  I kept thinking to myself “I’m doing it, I’m really doing it”!  I’m not going to lie though…I was really happy to see the finish line!     
Grace and Michelle finished as well, super proud of Grace getting her first 5K under her belt!  After we all crossed the finish line it was time for the Kids 1K!  
  I really wish I knew what Kiera was saying to crack Sky up like that!

Sky started out pretty happy, but it didn’t last long.  To be fare Sky is sick again.  Worse this time around actually.  After waking up with a face crusted in snot we probably should have pulled the plug on this one. But, she kept saying she wanted to run, and even when she’s sick there is all that toddler energy that needs burning off, so we gave it a go.  
Don’t my antlers look cute on Mark!

Kiera did great.  She took off, and the one time I tried to sprint ahead of her and get a picture she kept up with me!  Sky’s race was a bit rougher.  She took a nasty spill and skidded on her face.  Her smile turned to this…

We carried her for a bit and when Bob and Kiera passed us on their way back to the start/finish we turned around and tried to finish with them.  We thought Kiera would spur Sky on, but she was falling down, veering off course and just not into it.  We took our time, but finally made it back to the finish.

That’s the last race of the year for Sky and I.  I’m ready to rest and relax and enjoy lot’s of fun with friends and family.  I’ll still get some “training” runs in, but they will purely be relaxing, fun runs.  The next training cycle starts in Feb and I’m looking forward to agenda free running for a few weeks!

Did anyone else run in a Holiday themed race this weekend?

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