All Kinds Of Running Fun!

Last night was the Fleet Feet Run Club (FFRC) First Annual Christmas Part!  After a little 3 mile group run (thank you Michelle for sweeping with me!) we gathered for food, drinks, cookies, and gifts.  A good time was had by all!

Run, drink, eat!

Can we just talk about these cookies for a moment please.  They are amazing, if I do say so myself.  Let’s be clear here, I am not a baker, like never, ever, don’t even like it.  Give me $150 cut of prime rib roast and I will spend all day in the kitchen perfecting the most amazing meal, but give me $7 – $10 worth of ingredients to make cookies with and I break out in hives.  Not. My. Thing.  I was super not excited about the cooking exchange part of the FFRC party, but like a good sport I searched Pinterest and the blogs and found these bad boys. 
 Hot Chocolate Cookies!

I got the idea from Hungry Runner Girl, if you don’t read her blog go check it out!  But, the recipe is actually from Seeded At The Table, which isn’t a blog I follow, but maybe we all should!!!  
My only word of advice would be not to double the batch because the batter is so thick that it becomes impossible to blend.  As in it burned up my mixer, it was actually smoking.  I finally had to put gloves on and use my hands to blend it all together.  Other than that they are easy to make and totally worth the time and effort. 
The running fun continued today with a visit from adidas for the stroller group run.  Everyone that wanted to try out the Glide Boost had an opportunity to do so.  Those raspberry pink laces just make me smile!  After the run we had snacks and more cookies.  But the best part was Elya and  her new bundle of joy joined us for cookies, and baby snuggle time.  Thank you to Kelli for bring the shoes for the group to try out.  They appreciate the effort and attention!   
Sky just loves babies so much.  Once she got her hands on Rielle she was not going to let go.  It took some convincing to get her to share the baby with everyone else.  I’m so excited, for all the right reasons, that Rielle is here and part of their family, but I’m also excited because it means that soon Elya will be back to running.  I have missed running with her so much!  
Don’t tell Sky but I’m sneaking over to Elya’s when she’s at the grandparents this afternoon so I can have my very own baby time!!!
The last exciting running tidbit is that in a last minute decision Sky will be running her second race this weekend!!!  We visited Tacoma City Marathon Association (TCMA) offices today and got her registered for Santa Runs Tacoma 1K.   
I found out today that the kids get a wrapped gift at the finish…How cute is that!  Per usual there will more pictures than are necessary.  🙂
What is your go to Holiday Cookie?

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