We have snow!!!  It’s only a very slight dusting, just enough to say it snowed, and bust out the champagne!  I love our champagne tradition every time it snows.  Last night I opted for a hot buttered rum though.  I really just wanted something nice and hot so I could warm up from the inside out.  

I guess a morning run with Sky, as in no stroller…Sky picks the trails and we pick up leaves/spin/skip/hop kind of run, is out.  She does not have a snow suite and is finally healthy, so don’t want to get her out in the wet and cold just yet. Plus, I’m running with the group tonight and don’t really want to start and end the day on a cold note.  

Speaking of being cold the heating system was broke at the gym last night.  Talk about a brisk soccer practice!  Since Mark was there to help keep Sky on track I was able to take some pictures.  In the nick of time too since it was the last class!   
You would think soccer would be perfect for her with all the running…except for she uses her hands instead of her feet.  So maybe playing goalie is in her future?  All three of us saw huge improvement from the first class to the last though.  She hardly used her hands at all last night, and she was very focused on the goal drills!        

 She looks so determined in this picture!  

Our happy little soccer player! 

I’m actually going to miss the class.  Since it’s a “parent and me” class I ran all the drills with her, and it ended up being a good 30 minute leg workout.  Lot’s of stopping and starting, and sprinting to chase Sky or an errant ball across the gym.  My legs got a bit of a different workout than they are used to.  Plus, Sky had just gotten used to coach Bret and would actually let him do drills with her instead of me.  That’s probably the most important achievement of the whole class! 
What sports did you play growing up?  
Anyone still participate in sports (other than running) as an adult?   

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