Sky’s First Christmas Tree Lighting

We made a last minute decision to take Sky to the University Place tree lighting last night.  I’ll admit we found the small tree, in such a huge space, a bit sad.  But, the upside was it was a small event, except for around the fire pit, and Sky had fun.  Granted she didn’t care a bit about the tree.  All she wanted to do was run around, and all we did was chase after her, but it helped us stay a bit warmish I guess. 

It was kind of perfect really.  We showed up around 5:30, found front row parking, only had to try and stay warm for 25 minutes or so before the tree light up, and then on the way home we got Hot Buttered Rum makings.  By 7:30 Sky was in bed and I was warming back up with Hot Buttered Rum!   

 She refused to look at me for this pic. 

 Her hat and jacket don’t match at all, nor do the boots.  I was going for warmth, not fashion points.

Kisses are serious!

 The tree was small, but for Hawks fans…it is Hawk’s Blue.

Proof I was there.  🙂

Planning on streaking today (2 days in a row is a streak right?!) with another chilly run.  I don’t know if I’m going to go early with Sky, or wait for nap time and do a quick 4 alone…mostly it will come down to which football game I’m willing to miss part of.  
Hawk’s or 49ers, who’s going to win?  
I plead the 5th on this one since I’m a Steeler fan living in Hawk country, and I like Kaepernick.  Already have too many strikes against me.
Whatever you’re doing today enjoy it and stay warm!  

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