Ninja Running

I got my a$$ out there and got a run in.  Only 2.7 and it was an easy pace, but felt hard because I was so dang cold.  Thankfully there was zero wind, otherwise it would have been way worse!

The face cover saves my lungs from the searing cold air, but I do get called a ninja a lot when I wear it.  I know I’m being a baby about this…there are runners out there running in sub 10 degree weather.  For perspective it was 27 at the end of our run.  Now that I’ve broken the seal on the cold weather running I think I’ll be fine.  Just had to get out there the first time and embrace it.

 P.S. – those boots are ridiculous to run in, she fell every few feet, but jumped up and took off again!

As you can see Sky loved it!  When we got back to the care she yelled at the top of her lungs, “I LOVE RUNNING!”, for all to hear!  It’s all her, she was begging to get out and run which is why I stopped at 2.7 instead of going for 3…she was getting very vocal about it.

Even though we were both chilled and had runny noses we hit up the park for some play time after we were done running.  She lives this swing so much.  I call it the lazy swing, because it’s like a lounge chair and does nothing for teaching her to swing herself.  But after running in the cold I thought she deserved a bit of pampering.  🙂

Now for nachos, beer, hot coffee, and a hot shower to warm back up!

Have a great weekend and stay warm out there!

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