I’m a Wimp!

Monday I’ll have an adidas Glide Boost review, and comparison to Energy Boost post up!!!  

I have no problem admitting that it has been too dang cold for me to run the last few days.  I literally can’t make myself gather the desire or determination to even think about attempting it.  Every time I left the house to run errands today I was sufficiently frozen from the wind thus confirming that running was a dumb idea.  I know there are some hardy souls out there running and I’m proud of them, but it does nothing to make me want to attempt it.

I have the cold weather running gear, and I have run in rain, wind, snow, and the freezing cold before…so the only thing I can say is yes I’m being a wimp.  But, it all ends tomorrow.  Sky is going to lose her mind, and in turn so am I, if she does not get some serious play time outside the house.  The only way I can handle standing around in the cold while she plays, or runs at her pace, is if I work up a good sweat first.  So, we are running in the morning, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  Bundling up and braving the cold.

Wish me luck and resolve to actually follow through and do it!

A few pictures from the last two days…

I love everything about this picture!  She loves that hat and sweater so much that she wears both around the house like we don’t have heat.  I love that she wanted to lay next to me on the floor while I did core work.    

I think she was irritated that the click sound my phone camera makes interrupted her story time.

I love this basket of spices from my sister-in-law!  I already put half of them into pretty glass jars before I thought to take a picture…it was full of bags of spices and herbs.  The best part is it’s all stuff I use, a lot!  I have been wanting to organize and my herbs and spices, and put them in pretty containers, and this basket gave me the perfect opportunity!  

Every morning when she gets up from bed the first thing she says is, “I need cuddles in Daddy’s chair”. Usually that means with me, since Daddy is at work, but sometimes it means curling up by herself as she waits for pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

How do you stay warm while running in the cold?

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