Thankful Thursday – "This to Shall Pass"

Today I’m thankful that phases are just that, phases and they will pass.

-Sky seems to have gotten over the crying and begging Mommy not to leave phase.  This last go round lasted months, and I was literally sneaking out of my own house to go for runs!  Thankfully I’m back to being able to give hugs and kisses and say goodbye, and she has a smile on her face and says see you later.

-Drinks with the girls last night.  I have been feeling so antisocial, (I’m truly an introvert so it’s not shocking that during a super busy/party time of year I start to shut down), but drinks with the girls helped snap me out of it.  I have to remind myself that this to shall pass, because I start to worry that I’ll turn down so many invites to hang out that eventually I won’t have any friends left!  I always snap out of it though.

-P90X because it’s just too cold to run with my lungs the way they are right now.  I realized on the stroller run yesterday that while I’m feeling better I still need to be careful so I don’t have a set back.  I have a 3 runs a week goal for Dec, but am now adjusting that to 3 workouts a week be it running/P90X/Yoga or whatever…On top of the daily core challenge I’m doing.  (I just could not catch my breath at all, and when I did it was cold air burning my lungs…probably not a great idea!).  I know this to shall pass, I’m trying to be patient and give myself time to get healthy!

Mostly I’m thankful for this little munchkin and for what I’m hearing right now, ” Please I want cuddles”!  It doesn’t get any better than that, and that’s one phase that I hope shall not pass!!

Sky’s commentary while taking her picture as of late:



“Just one more”

“One more”


Once she says perfect she’s done and usually takes off running the opposite direction.

What are you thankful for today?



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