Little Bits of Merry

This last weekend was the traditional weekend to put up Christmas decorations and trees.  Unless you’re like me and went full on Christmas Spirit a month ago.  Anyway, I thought I would share just a few simple decorations from around the house.  

We actually have 3 large storage bins full of decorations, but once they are spread throughout the house it doesn’t seem like that much.  It’s amazing how cheering just a little red and green can make things!  
This is my favorite Christmas item!  My Grandma made it and every time I see it I think of her and smile.  I remember the huge smile she had the last Christmas we got to spend with her.  She was like a kid in a candy shop!  She was one of those Grandma’s that could DIY anything and everything.  To this day I treasure every handmade item/gift of hers that I have.  
We don’t have a chimney, not that Sky even realizes what that is all about.  I thought this was cute though especially since it was only $1 at the dollar store!  Once Sky is a bit older we will hang it outside Christmas Eve.  Seriously check out the dollar store for Holiday decorations!    
I used Christmas printed tape and Instagram pictures to make a Christmas tree on the freezer door.  It’s so simple and almost silly, but it added a nice Christmas touch to a large white appliance!  I do believe I got this idea from A Beautiful Mess (ABS).  
P.S. All pictures have been edited with the A Beautiful Mess App.  I’ll get this out of my system soon!  There are just so many cool tools to play with.  And, no I’m not a spokesperson nor have I been asked by anyone to talk about ABS as much as I have the last few posts. 
When do you decorate for Christmas?  

Christmas lights…colored or white?  
I like white lights the best, blue and green second.

Do you have a real tree or fake?

Does anyone get flocked trees anymore?  
I have never seen one in real life in anyone’s house! 

Does your house look like Santa and the elves moved in, or is it subtle Christmas Cheer?  

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