Happy Monday To Me!!!

One would think that with Sky being sick (again) and me trying to get over being sick, that a Happy Monday is not in the cards.  Wrong!

I’m being super strict with Sky’s exposure to anything outside the house this time around.  Mostly because she still needs a flue shot, and has yet to be healthy enough, long enough for us to get her one.  So all play dates, museum trips, playgroups, visit’s to Frog n Kiwi cancelled!  That leaves me with one alternative…bundling her up in the jogging stroller and taking her to the park.  Since it’s fully enclosed I can keep her warm, and keep her germs to herself, and not expose her to others germs.  

Thankfully Elya was able to meet me, and we successfully kept Sky and Selah in two separate strollers with zero sharing of germs!  Baby is was cold, at least 20 below with wind chill!  😉  Maybe not that cold, but it was cold.  Elya is due this week (I think a well timed sneeze would get the job done!) so I was really excited that we got a walk in, and more importantly a good long talk in (I feel so much lighter after talking to her!), before her 4th little is here.  (Ok truth be told I was the most excited about the fact that we got the walk in without her water breaking!  I’m stressed about that possibility!).   

My day just kept getting better when I got home though!  I won a bag of Philz coffee from THIS lovely lady!  (Click the link and check out Skinny Chick Blog!  She is doing 12 Days of Giveaways and I won day #1).  I have heard amazing things about Philz coffee, and now I get to try some for myself!  So excited!  I wonder if I need to get a coffee grinder now…they are sending me a bag and I bet it’s going to be whole bean.  I’m ok with that though.  BTW – next time I’m in the SF area I’m going to Philz!!!  They have a mojito latte that has my name all over it!

As if that’s not enough, Sky actually cuddled until she fell asleep in my arms and is now taking a nap…Without unloading her dresser drawers like she did yesterday.  I had given myself a pep talk to handle it with a bit more grace and dignity if it happened again, and Elya gave me some pointers, so I was prepared not to lose my mind.

And, the last thing making me happy today…it’s sunny!!!  It may be cold, but it is beautifully sunny out and that makes me smile.  Everything is better with sun!!!

A Happy Monday Tip for you – go check out The Plaid Barn.  Amazing, amazing deals on quality items!  Lot’s of DIY things, but also stuff like necklaces, scarves, fingerless gloves, shopping totes, hats etc.  I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping this year through Plaid Barn.  Totally worth signing up for the daily deal email!  You can follow them on FB as well. 

As if I haven’t shared enough of our Thanksgiving weekend pics, here are a few more.  The last ones I promise!  Cabelas may be the best, and worst, store to take a sick 2 1/2 year old to.

The giant fish tanks provided at least 10 to 15 minutes (an eternity in toddler time!) of content kiddo time.  Mark was able to shop while I hung out with Sky and the fish.  The animal display was also an awesome distraction until she found the Lynx, and was then royally pissed off that she could not climb up to the Lynx and cuddle with it.  (Thank you Nat Geo Kid’s for the Lynx feature and creating this problem!). 
Snacks kept her happy while Daddy finished his shopping.  Thankfully we skipped the Black Friday craziness and waited until Saturday evening to go.  It was still busy, but Cabelas always is, and it didn’t seem unreasonable. 
Happy Monday to you all!!!
Tell me one good thing that has happened today!



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