Thanksgiving Weekend: Run Challenges, Football, Food, and Fun!

I’m still enjoying Thanksgiving weekend!  Yes, it lasts a whole weekend around here.  I love Thanksgiving because it signals the beginning of the Holiday Season, and I like to take my time and enjoy it.    
It helps that I had almost all of the Christmas stuff done already.  (I know this is a big, huge issue, for some. I don’t care to debate the issue one way or the other.  You do your thing and I’ll do mine).  There are several reasons we decorate early, but the biggest most important reason is…having it all done early means I actually get to enjoy Thanksgiving!  It doesn’t feel rushed or crazy at all.  I can spend the morning turkey trotting and cooking and not think about what all needs to be done when we get home from stuffing ourselves.  It’s all done, I can focus on being thankful and spending time with family and friends, the whole weekend, and not have a Christmas to do list to check off. 
It frees me up for things I enjoy doing as well like taking Sky to story time, watching football, sneaking off to a late movie last night, and of course running!  
I finished both November running challenges with miles to spare!!!  Got the last 4 in yesterday!  I felt all the food and wine from the last few days, it was a hard run, but I stayed at or below goal pace, and even heard someone say, “Get the dog out of the way that runner is going so fast that he may trip her”…first time I have ever been accused of being a fast runner!!!
A few Turkey Trot pictures from the camera and other pictures from our weekend…
 Ornery face. 

 Grandpa and Sky…and I wanted to point out that Sky was rocking her adidas track outfit for the race!

Went right up to the water table after crossing the finish line!

Watching Polar Express for the first time!

 Playing while waiting for Elf On The Shelf story time to start.
Big, huge step this weekend!!!  No more crib.  After months and months of the toddler bed being in her room with the crib and talking about sleeping in it, and her refusing to sleep in it, we made the switch.  We eliminated the crib as an option and gave her no choice, and it worked!!!  Bed and nap time have been very smooth, with great sleep taking place.  No attempts to get out of bed until we go and get her, which is amazing!!!  
Playing at the park.

Snuggled in and warm in Daddy’s truck.

Today is nothing but football all day long!!!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE football Sunday’s?!  The only upside to the Steelers losing Thursday night is that today is stress free football viewing!  I don’t care who wins any of the games, I just get to watch and enjoy.  
Enjoy your Sunday!!!


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