We Turkey Trotted!

The highlight of my Turkey Day was running Sky’s first race with her!  Mark and I were all grins as we ran alongside her!  A big Thank You to the Beckham family for taking time out of their Thanksgiving morning to come watch Sky run, and to Grandpa for getting up at 3am, driving 4’ish hours over the pass (and 4’ish hours to get back home) to see Sky run for all of about 11 minutes.  It meant a lot to all three of us to have all of you there!    

If you follow on Instagram or FB then these pics are old news, but I’m going to share them here anyway.  A cute little in-race story…There was a lady and two little girls running behind us the whole way, and at different points one of both of the little girls was crying (more like wailing) and Sky was so worried about them.  She kept stopping and turning around to see if they were ok and looking at Mark and I with the most worried look on her face I have ever seen.  It was pretty distracting, but cute to see her concern at the same time.

  Dressed and waiting to go “run, run”. 

 A bit of a form issue with that leg kicking out.  😉

 She is this happy every single time she runs! 

Running her little heart out.  

It ended up working better for me to be a few steps ahead of her to keep her going in the right direction. She stopped a few times wanting Mark to give her the “Ready, Set, Go” count down before she would start again.  
All the little kiddos were so adorably cute!  I usually cross the finish line of my distance and then head out, so have never seen a tot race before, I’m really glad I got to see all the cuteness!  

We wrapped the day up with Mark’s family watching football and eating lot’s of yummy food.  I did something wrong though, because after we got home I was hungry again.  Clearly should have gone back for seconds!  It actually felt good to eat a little of everything, but not feel stuffed.  
After Sky was in bed and Mark was relaxing I headed to Target to get Christmas PJ’s.  I know there are strong opinions out there about stores being open Thanksgiving evening, but I have to say it was nice to do it last night, and be able to sleep in this morning and hang out with my babe and baby instead of getting up early and shopping.   
I toyed with the idea of getting my run in during Sky’s nap today, but I had enough wine after shopping last night, that I feel a bit blah.  So, I’m drinking lot’s of water and will get the last of my miles in tomorrow to meet both the 30 Miles in 30 Day’s challenge (met that one early last week) and the Pile On The Miles challenge (need 4 miles tomorrow to reach it)!  
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the rest of the long weekend!!!
What was you favorite food from yesterday?

What’s your plan to get back on track food wise after a day of indulgence?  

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