Yippy For Indoor Playgrounds!!!

Yesterday (and again today) Sky and I hit up Frog N Kiwi for a little play time.  Since our play dates and classes were all cancelled this week, and I didn’t feel up to standing around in the cold while she played, Frog N Kiwi was the perfect solution!

Sky is such a good sharer and really good at taking turns.  What she isn’t good with is playing with others, she isn’t mean to other kids at all, she would just much rather play on her own.  Such an only child thing, but we are working on it!  
 Climbing and sliding…two of her favorite things! 

 Twirling on the fireman’s pole.

She was one tired girl when we got home.  I think we were there for close to 3 hours with her playing the entire time!  More and more it takes lengthy morning play time/activity for her to be tired enough to take a good nap.  I do my best to tire her out, because I’m just not ready to give up my 2-3 hours of nap time…I get so much done!  
I love the set up because I can sit and read or look at FB and Pinterest while she plays, but still see the whole room and keep an eye on her.  Plus, she can see me too which is important.  She is getting better at running off and playing without Mommy, but every once in a while she looks around trying to find me, just to make sure I’m still there.  Controlled independence for both of us.
Once she went down I decided is was Christmas Gifts in a Jar time!  My kitchen went from this…
…to this in 2 hours!!!!
Some jars are not pictured.

I’m not totally done decorating the jars, but at least everything is made!  I’m not going to share what I made because that would ruin it for those that I’m giving them to.  I will say that while everything is made from pantry items and technically edible, it’s not all for eating!
Super thankful that I’m feeling better today.  Still coughing crap up, but feeling good enough to go to run group tonight.  Michelle and I were planning on joining the 5 mile group, but that’s going to be a game time decision for me.  I’m probably already pushing it by running in the first place, so may just do 3.  
Does anyone else do handmade gifts?  Tell me your go to item!!! 

Anyone else not so patiently waiting to see Catching Fire?  I really hope I find time to sneak away and see it this weekend!

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