I Love My Little Runner!!!

I wasn’t going to run this morning, even though I needed .05 to hit my 10 mile goal for the week.  I figured it would be better to call it good enough, and live to run next week, than risk making this nasty cough/crap in my lung thing I have going on any worse.  
Sky had other ideas though.  I thought we were going to the park to play at the playground, but she insisted on running!  While I didn’t track it, she ran from the car to the park, played for a bit, then looked at me and said, “I run, run”, and took off.  So, I know for a fact I got way more than the .05 I needed…probably closer to .5 or .6 by the time we finally got back to the car.  
She even ran up one of the short but steep hills at Chambers, and when she got to the top she turned and looked at me at said, “I love running.”  I know I looked like a fool with a huge grin on my face and tears running down my cheeks.  That little girl has full control of my heart!  I love that she loves running with me so much, and I tend to enjoy this phase for however long it lasts.  

After we ran and played and were frozen from head to toe I thought it would be fun to get hot coco and a scone to warm back up.  I was also trying to give Mark as much Sky free time as possible to work on the bathroom.  It’s just easier for him to work on painting etc. when she isn’t clamoring for his attention.
So we hit up Starbucks and enjoyed some coffee and coco.  It really was a pretty perfect morning!  

The rest of the day is full of college football and finishing our Christmas shopping!  
I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well!!!
Tell me something fun you’re doing this weekend!

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