TGIF and From the Kitchen…Sort Of

I love Fridays, mostly because Mark works from home, and even though he’s busy working Sky and I are both so happy to have him in the house, and take breaks with him. 

Sometimes it even works out that I get Sky free grocery shopping done!  You know you’re a stay at home mom when grocery shopping alone is the best “me” time ever!  I even do my make-up and put on real clothes for kiddo free shopping!

While I did get the non-perishable items I need for GF and Dairy free stuffing, that has even the non-food issue people asking for it every year, I’m not really all about the food on Turkey Day.  Mostly I’m about the football, and this year the Steelers are playing Thanksgiving Night, on network TV, so I get to watch them! 

So, while all the other bloggers are asking what food everyone is looking forward to, I’m over here all Go Steelers!!! 

Speaking of food I’m always amazed at what yummy meals can be created from such simple ingredients.  Our dinners swing from super simple, 3 or 4 ingredients tops, to super complex, 10 to 25 or 30 ingredients (mostly herbs and spices).  The best part is we enjoy simple just as much, sometimes more, than complicated. 

So….Instead of posting the recipe that this turned into I’m giving you a chopped challenge!  BTW – Chopped is my favorite non-sports related show on TV! 

Your ingredients are:
Tomato Paste
Garbanzo Beans
Chicken Broth
Mexican Chorizo
Flat Leaf Parsley
Red Pepper Flakes

Not pictured because I didn’t have any, but the recipe calls for it: Fresh Parmesan and Lemon zest.  Although I wouldn’t have used the Parmesan anyway because Mark can’t eat it.  Since I adjust recipes for Mark’s allergies all the time if you have food issues and need to leave something out then (unlike chopped) feel free to omit the item. 

OK get cooking and let me know what you come up with!  

I will share the recipe in the next few days, or if you really must know you can go back through past food posts and find it, because I have shared it in the past.  

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