Thankful Thursday – The Epic Fit Edition

A few of the many things I’m thankful for today…

-How hard Mark works so that Sky and I are comfortable at home.  I know it’s stressful at times, and that he has spent his fun $$/birthday $$ on not fun things for the house, or cars, or whatever true need pops up.  I don’t take it for granted and am truly thankful for every day I get to spend at home with Sky!

-For the millionth time I’m thankful for the awesome cold weather running gear I have, and the jogging stroller for Sky.  Yesterday was the first time it truly felt like winter during a run.  It made me so thankful for the ability to still get out there and run in the rain, snow, wind, sleet, cold with Sky!  I know my running life would not be as happy as it is if I didn’t have the fully enclosed, beyond awesome, jogging stroller for Sky, and the appropriate gear for myself.

-Egg Nog!

 and yes, I was drinking it straight from the tap!

-That Sky was totally distracted when this happened…

 …or it would have been an even bigger mess to clean up.  FYI egg yolk is surprisingly hard to pick up off the floor!

-For these curtains….

…because they hide this…

…the most dreaded, never ending cycle of laundry!  For someone who is theoretically home all day you would think it would be possible to stay caught up with the laundry, but no matter how hard I try there is always more!  Sometimes I just have to close those curtains and pretend it doesn’t exist.

-For our 6 month membership to the Olympia Children’s Museum because Sky LOVES it!

 Fire Girl Sky! 

 Captain of her own ship!
-That I held it together leaving the Children’s Museum today…
…it wasn’t pretty people!  Actually it was the ugliest fit I have ever seen her throw.  Impressive really, but horrible at the same time.  It took me at least 7 minutes to get her into the car seat due to the arched back and stiff leg action.  I finally just let her cry in the back seat while I stood outside…she clearly needed some space because she was the maddest at me she has ever been.  I am thankful though that I held myself together.  I didn’t get mad, or upset or anything.  I can’t blame her really…that place if freaking amazing, and I wouldn’t want to leave either.  Staying calm and letting her get it out of her system seemed to work.  I felt like it was partly my fault because we were into lunch/nap time when we left.  She was on the ragged edge already.      
It’s funny how fast little emotions change though, not two minutes after we were in the car and driving I hear from the backseat, “Need Hug”.  When I told her I couldn’t hug her while driving that bottom lip popped out and tears started rolling down her cheeks…broke my heart.  She settled for my hand resting on her leg for a little bit.  
-For the ups and downs of parenting.  There are good times and not so good times, but it seems like I learn something new about myself, about Sky, and about being a parent with every smile and every tear.  It’s crazy hard, but crazy rewarding and I LOVE it! 

Anyone else break anything today?

Sky can’t be the only epic fit thrower out there…share an epic fit with me!!!  Yours or your kiddos!  

What’s your favorite Holiday/Seasonal drink?  
I do love my Egg Nog, but I also love hot spiced wine!  


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