Shake, Shake, Shake…Shake Your Booty!!

I’m so excited to be the proud new owner of this…(this first part has nothing to do with booty shaking)!

…I’m thankful that the Fanatics office is just upstairs, right above the store, so they ran up and got a different size for me to try, and it fit!!!  I was so bummed after last week and trying tops on and finding them to be just not ok, so was ready to jump up and down (or go run a 1/2) when I put this one on!  Now I feel official (because running 3 1/2’s and joining the club wasn’t official enough?!), and can’t wait to wear this for my next 1/2!  (Really not wanting to wait until April)!

I had a great run with the Tuesday Night group last night.  Getting faster and faster running with that group and it feels amazing!  Even if I don’t get any faster (I kinda don’t care if I do or don’t…other than hitting my two PR Goal races next year) I’m loving that I feel like a stronger runner, and that while it’s still hard work it’s feeling easier, like I’m more efficient. 

I turned around and did it again this morning with the stroller group!  Usually the pace is a good recovery pace from the speedy run the night before, but today we were fast!  It was still a great recovery pace for me, but the group was pushing it and finished 3 to 4 minutes faster than normal!  We did have 3 guys running with us and I think that helped push the pace a bit, everyone hung in though  and finished strong.

Sky Pic’s of the day…

 Watching the pink bow while she dances.

These go along with the video I posted earlier.  The back story is Mark apparently taught her to shake her booty, but I didn’t know that.  So when she climbed up on the bed and started dancing I jumped up to get my phone and take a video.  The best part was she can see herself in my dresser mirror when she’s standing on the bed, so the whole time she’s dancing she is totally checking herself out in the mirror.  Second best thing…there wasn’t even any music playing…she was dancing to her own tune. 

This kid cracks me up.  I’m so thankful I get to have a zillion little moments like this with her every day.  She has her terrible two moments, but for the most part it’s all spontaneous dancing, tickling, cuddling and laughing!

What music makes you get up and shake your booty?
Usher and JT every time!




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