Running Hot Topics

I’m a little slow to post about some of these topics, but better late than never.  Since I’m a runner and these are running related current’ish topics I thought I would share my thoughts. 

How young is too young to run?  You have probably seen THIS story about the 14 year old who has run a marathon on every continent, and THIS story about the 6 year old who ran a half marathon becoming the youngest runner to complete a half, and set a finish time record as well.

There has been a lot of chatter and lot’s of bloggers posting about these two young ladies.  Most of the comments have been on the negative/skeptical side.  People seem to be assuming, or are suspicious, that the parents have pushed these two girls into running, and saying that accomplishing too much too young gives them a shorter career…that they will reach the peak too soon and have no where else to go.  

Rather than speculate about how people I don’t even know are parenting their children I choose to land on the side of giving the parents the benefit of assuming they have done all they can to make sure the girls are health, safe and having fun!  Just think how far these two can go in their running life, if they choose to stick with it, and in life in general.  They both have a mental determination that a lot of adults don’t posses.  Way To Go Girls!!! 

Is it ok to take pictures during a race?  You may have seen THIS story from the Hong Kong Marathon asking runners not to take pictures because a runner taking a selfie caused a pile-up.  I personally am not much of a picture taker during races.  Mostly because I don’t like running with my phone.  I have a belt that I like, but I still don’t like wearing it for races, and it’s the only thing I have to put my phone in while running.  So, I don’t have a way to take pictures while running.  I see other runners doing it during races and always think man I wish I had my phone so I could get pics, mostly so I can post them on the blog.  But, I don’t plan on using my belt if I don’t absolutely have to, so there is always going to be a lack of in-race pictures around here.

I couldn’t care less if other runners take pictures during races.  They trained hard to get there, paid good money to register and I don’t blame them at all for wanting pictures!  As long as they step to the side and are aware of the other runners around them I don’t see the problem.  Granted I have never run a really huge race either, and I can see where it could be a problem when you have thousands of runners on the course at the same time.  I guess I would say to those that don’t like it, and think running should be more serious than that…start at the front so you are surround by an elite enough crowd that no one will be taking pics.

Pointless Sky Pic….

 It has nothing to do with this post, other than to break up all the text.  Just chillen on the couch watching cartoons.

Is it silly to put on mak-up and matching outfits for running?  We all know I love my matching/cute running outfits.  So duh, yes it’s totally ok to have the matching outfit that looks awesome and makes you feel awesome.  On the flip side if rolling out of bed and throwing on the least smelly thing is what works for you, then great!  Clothing doesn’t make you more or less of a runner.

As for make-up I don’t wear it when running.  Unless it’s an end of the day run, and I put make-up on that morning, then I’ll wait to wash my face in the shower after the run.  I can’t stand the feel of make-up on my face, or sweat so the idea of combining the two is hideous to me.  I’m always a little surprised when I see others who go the full war paint route for races/long runs, but only because I know how uncomfortable my skin would be if it where me.  If someone wants to race in make-up then go for it.  You will look way better in your race photos then I will for sure!  Unless the mascara runs, then you may look like a raccoon.

Fun Runs vs “Real” Races is one better than the other?  There are a few very vocal blogger/runners out there that hate mud runs/color runs/bubble runs etc because they aren’t real races and those that participate aren’t real runners.  Anything that get’s people off the couch and active is a good thing!!!  Fun runs tend to act as gateway races.  Someone who has never run before gets talked into doing a fun run with friends, and next thing you know they are running a marathon a year later.  I have done fun runs and they are just that FUN!  It’s a nice break actually from focused training and races.  If you don’t like them don’t participate, but don’t take a big old dump on others fun!  It’s rude and a good way to alienate readers.  

Another pointless to this post picture…

 From our Portland trip.  I posted the happy smiles version of this pic, but they were super serious watching the Mississippi St. game.  There must have been a call against St. or something.  🙂
Your turn!!!  Agree, disagree, do you have your own running hot topic?  Let me know what you think!



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