TGIM! Yep That’s Right Thank Goodness It’s Monday!

I may be the only person on the planet that loves Mondays!  I just really look forward to Sky’s Monday morning play date.  Actually if I’m being honest it may be more my play date than hers, but I’m not letting Sky know that. 

Today’s play date was extra special because Reagan has a new baby brother.  We got to meet Quinn for the first time! 

Sky was all about baby Quinn, even calling him “brother”.  She was down right angry when I was holding him and not her.  She kept asking “hold brother”?  It’s hard to believe that Sky was ever that little.  I know she was, but I forget just how small they are when their new, until I’m holding one. 

We had a very quiet weekend.  With Mark and Sky both being sick we spent lot’s of time just resting and staying snuggled in at home.  A few pictures from the weekend. 

 Sunday mornings we get our of bed and right into the snuggle chair to watch ESPN and Fox’s Football Pre-game show.  

 I lost track of Sky while I was in the kitchen…found her “working” in Mark’s office.

 Sunday morning breakfast!  I love slow Sunday Mornings with yummy food and mimosa’s!

Friday Movie Night means snuggling with Daddy!
I hope everyone is having a great Monday and wonderful start to the week!  

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