Quick Weekend Post

Not a long post, just a few highlights while the babe and baby are taking naps. 

First – Take a look at THIS link.  Lauren Fleshman is a runner who had a baby last year and 3 months later walked the runway for Oiselle at NY fashion week.  She shows the difference between how she looks on the runway and what the non-airbrushed, non flexing, non tummy sucking in version of her looks like.  Bottom line you don’t have to look like a runway model (hell runway model’s don’t even look like runway model’s all the time) to feel good about yourself.  It’s a quick read with a strong message…just take the time to check it out!  
Second – I have had a new route plotted in my head for months and finally ran it today.  It’s only 4 miles, but I LOVE it.  I also love how awesome the pace felt.  Mostly I was excited at how quickly I recovered and dropped back down to goal pace after the hill I had to slowly run up.  It’s not a long hill, but it’s steep and I hate running it, so getting to the top and getting right back to a 2 minute faster pace was awesome!
Third – A few pics to share…
 She picked the hat out herself, and it looked perfect with her outfit.

Coloring with Grandma is very serious work.  She was so excited when I told her we were seeing Grandma today!

It’s a low-key weekend around here.  Lot’s of football, cuddling, and pj’s!
Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?

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