I Do Have Non-Running Clothes Believe It Or Not

While I don’t think it’s possible to have too many running outfits, it is possible to have too much running clothing.  I found this out after months of purging the closet/dresser of items that didn’t fit perfect and/or didn’t make me feel good while I was wearing them.

It left me with a bunch of really awesome running outfits (that I feel amazing in), a few pairs of jeans, and tons of summer outfits.  Once the weather turned I was in trouble!  Thankfully a little spending money came my way, Thank You Dad!!!, and I got busy shopping!

I actually didn’t need to buy a ton of things, just a few cardigans that would work with the 20 million tanks I have, a pair of black skinny stretch jeans that totally dress up or down, a purse that I actually technically didn’t need but fell in love with, and yes a few running items did find there way in as well.

Up First…what may be my most favorite top ever!  I don’t know how I lived without this top because it seems to be the only thing I wear now!  

Totally love the sweatshirt cut, yet silky material on the front to make it totally dressy.  Balanced by non-silky sleeves, band, and back to keep is casual as well.  Also, those are the black skinny jeans paired with the top.  This outfit is getting ton’s of mileage already, and looks great with my black boots!
I found a couple of cardigans that are both kind of dressy, but work with jeans as well, and I can put all kinds of colored tanks under them to add a pop of color.  
The cardigan above has cool silver stud detailing on the shoulders.  It doesn’t make it look nearly as stuff as it sounds…it really just makes it look extra dressy.  The cardigan in the below picture has an awesome clasp at the waist and is really warm and cuddly.
Fall means orange to me and there is nothing more perfect than an awesome orange handbag to finish an outfit!  
It looks awesome with my greens, tans, creams, and browns, but also adds a great pop of color to black and gray outfits as well.  
It’s crazy, but by adding just 3 tops and a pair of black pants I have a ton more outfit options that don’t look like I could be going or coming from the gym.  I kind of let myself get lost in “stay at home mommy who only wears comfy clothes” land for a while there.  I’m back now, gym/running clothes when appropriate, dressy/fun outfits for everything else, and doing hair and make up a bit more often.  🙂
I couldn’t help myself, I did have to get a couple of running items.  Both of which I have had my eye on for a very long time!
I have wanted gray compression socks for a really long time!  Perfect for the fall and running in the rain, the white ones get too dirty.  While I love all the colorful socks, sometimes black or gray are just perfect to complete the outfit.
Far End Gear Single Earphones.  Oh my goodness you have no idea how long I have wanted single earphones!  I almost always run with music, but never wear both ears.  That leaves me wrapping the extra earphone around my bra strap to keep it out of the way.  By the end of long runs and 1/2’s the extra earphone would be in places it just shouldn’t be and/or get so twisted with the bra strap that I had a hard time getting the two untangled sometimes.  I have worn them on a few runs, and LOVE them.  They sound really great, the cord is the perfect length, and no more twisting things into my bra straps!  
What isn’t pictured is my Half Fanatic singlet.  Michelle and I had a date last night to buy our singlets, and drink wine after.  I almost had a little melt-down in the dressing room last night.  I am just not comfortable with how the top fits, or how it looks on me.  I know this is so a first world problem, but I worked so hard to qualify and have been so excited to wear the singlet at the next 1/2, and now am bummed at the thought that there won’t be one that fits or looks ok (I’ll settle on looking ok).  I’m not giving up yet though.  I’m going to see what it looks like with a running bra/running skirt/tights on (I think street cloths didn’t help the look), and see if I can get my hands on a different size to see if that makes a difference.  At least I got to have wine with Michelle…it had been way too long!
A few outtakes from my outfit photo shoot this morning…
 That is Sky’s Irish Sweater from Michelle’s mom Mary, who lives in Ireland.  She loves snuggling in it!  Notice she has my phone on the floor next to her because it has a horse picture on it, and she loves horses.

 She wanted to put on an outfit and pose with Mommy.  

   The flash startled her!  
Tell me something fun you have planned for the weekend!!!  
I have a long run on the schedule for tomorrow morning, keep in mind anything over 5 miles is long to me right now.  I only need 1.2 miles to hit my 10 for the week, but have a new route I want to check out so will get more than that for sure.  
Thankfully, other than running we have zero plans because now Mark and Sky are both sick.  Not fun for anyone.  Thankfully we will be able to snuggle and drink tea all weekend while watching football. 

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