Thankful Thursday!

Sky has been sick all week, and her little temper is so hard to manage when she’s not feeling well.  While the week has been pretty low key she has had to put up with a few things that Mommy needed to do, which meant her being out and about when she probably would rather have just stayed home.  

Today I decided it would be all about what she wants to do.  So far it has included special juice, pancakes, eating breakfast while watching cartoons, cuddling…ton’s and ton’s of cuddling, way more cartoon watching than I would ever normally allow, mac n cheese for lunch, jumping on the bed and jumping in the puddle in the driveway.  I wonder what adventures will follow nap time!

I’m so thankful that for the most part Sky being sick = lot’s of snuggles, and she is still way more easy going than a lot of kiddo’s are.

Cuddling with Mommy, Happy Feet, and Violet while watching Mickey Mouse Club House.  She was not all the way awake yet!

Not so patiently waiting for her pancakes.  Sorry Mark, there may still be mush in your chair.  🙂

A few other things I’m thankful for today:
-That Sky can teach me a hard lesson with the tremble of a lip and a hurt look on her face.  I totally overreacted and thankfully that little look made me stop cold and take a breath.  I’m the adult, it’s up to me to realize she is only 2.  While I don’t underestimate her ability and understanding of things, I was expecting a bit much from a little girl who was struggling to hold it together when she didn’t feel good at all.  
-That Sky is quick to forgive, and wanted nothing more than a hug and a “I love you” even though I had just yelled at her.  
-I have a night out tonight with Michelle to get our Half Fanatic tops and some wine!
-Birchbox Delivery!  They knocked it out of the park this month…
….hello a full size Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar, which was an extra bonus item on top of all the usual goodies!  So far I have used every item and love them all.  Not usually a fan of dark nail color on my nails, but I painted the nails that dark steel gray color and love it!
-That I figured out the issue with posting pictures on the blog.  I’m loving making them all extra large size.  I’ll get over it in a few days, but for now I’m making up for months of only being able to have small pics on the blog!  Sorry if they are all large and in your face.  Actually no I’m not.  😉
-The tile is up and done in the master bath!!!  That was a huge labor intensive, detailed part of the remodel.  That had to be done first before anything else can be done.  There is still plenty left to do, but it’s all stuff Mark knows how to do, and should be much less complicated than the tile!  
-It’s a rest day.  I love to run, but I also love rest days!

Tell me one thing you’re thankful for today!  

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