Running Fun

Once again I’m very thankful to have a fully enclosed, really nice jogging stroller.  It means that even when Sky is sick I can still bundle her up and get her out of the house for a bit.  She loves seeing the sites and getting out and running with me. 

That’s the hard part about sick toddlers, unless they are really, really sick they still need to burn energy somehow.  We are not fans of sharing her germs with others, so it’s a challenge to find ways to get her out of the house yet not get others sick. 

Running at the park is the perfect solution.  If there are kiddo’s on the playground I just keep her away from it and let her run instead.  She’s just as happy either way. 

The weather the last two days has been pretty perfect for running.  Chambers Bay is so beautiful on sunny crisp mornings!

 This is from today’s run, but it looked like this yesterday too.  No filters on this one!
Yesterday’s run felt so perfect.  I felt strong, I was itching to run, and Sky let me get in a fast 3 miles.  I’m loving how good the faster pace is feeling lately!  I was worried the faster pace was a fluke, but I’m consistently finding my new comfortable pace is a good minute faster.  All that half training this summer paid off in more ways than one!   
 I let Sky out to run after I finished my 3 miles.  Should have seen the fit she had when I told her it was time to get in the car. 

Since Sky is sick I’m staying home from run club tonight.  Evening’s = cranky time for sick kiddos.  That and I have “girls night out” plans Thursday with Michelle, and since Mark is trying to get the bathroom finished (working on it in the evenings after work) I’m trying to give him as many free evenings as possible.  
Missing run club means that I wanted to get some miles in this morning, and with Mark working from home today, we were able to run as a family on his lunch break.  I love running with my babe and my baby!  I’m  happiest when the three of us are hanging out, even if that means sweaty hanging out!  
My two favorite people running together!  
Sky was tired, she only ran a few steps before she was winded and ready to walk and hold hands with Daddy.  
It was a crazy beautiful morning for a run.  Mark and I were both way too hot, we could have gotten away with shorts and t-shirts for sure, it was that nice and sunny…one of those days that makes you fall in love with living in the PNW!  
I took a break from running at Chambers for a very long time, but it is quickly becoming my absolute favorite place to run again!  
Tell me…where is your favorite place to run?  
P.S. Did you notice all the pictures are large?!!!  Finally figured out that IE has a glitch that prevents photo resizing in blogger.  Using Firefox or Chrome is a work around, and it seems to be working!  

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