Running Running and more Running Running

Before I get to the running I must share one of my best ideas ever!!! 

That is an ice tea pitcher full of hot spiced wine!!!  Why, oh why did it take me this long to think of putting the left over wine in the jug?  The spout makes it so easy to just fill up a mug and heat it up in the microwave!  Since we are leaving town Friday for the weekend I will do my best to finish it by tomorrow night!  All runs and workout’s fueled by wine!  🙂

Now on to all things running!  I’m not usually a two a day runner, but today was special!  I ran 2.96 with the stroller group this morning, and then 2 miles with Mark this afternoon.  Since we don’t get to run “Sky free” ever, I jumped at the chance to run with him while she was visiting Grammy and Grampy.  I love running with my man! 

Running twice in one day made me feel so bad ass that I decided to more fully map out my race schedule for 2014.  Plus, I really need to figure out when I’m free to run, and when we are free to vacation. I want those early registration dates on my radar as well!   

Races I’m already registered for:
-3/15 – St. Paddy’s Day 5K – PR attempt
-4/13 – Whidbey Island 1/2
-5/4 – Tacoma City Marathon – Marathon Relay
-8/2 – Tacoma Narrows Half – registration isn’t actually open yet, but I’m doing it.  It’s my 1/2 PR attempt. 

Races I’m Considering:
-1/25 – Resolution Series 10K or 10 miles – This one takes place in my back yard, so sort of feel like I have to do it!
-2/22 – Resolution Series 15K – Again, it’s in my back yard and for the price I have a hard time not doing it. 
-6/15 – Vancouver USA Half – Would have some logistics to work out, but the current price is good until the end of the month, so I have time to figure it out.  This could be a PR attempt since it’s a pretty awesome course and would give me the Tacoma Narrows as a fall back if I miss my goal.
-7/4 – Independence Day 5K – If I miss my PR on St. Paddy’s Day this would be the course to do a second attempt, but if we have a chance to go camping I’m so doing that instead!
-10/6 – Stein Dash 5K – just for fun and beer!
-10/11 – Defiance Ultra – I did the 15K last year and loved it, really want to do this one again.  Maybe Elya will be up for it again next year?! 

Of course in my search for races I came across some bucket list races.  These are my dream/please let me run these at some point in my life races!

Running Bucket List:
Runners World Harlf & Festival  – Would love to do this one, maybe even the hat trick = run all three races (5K, 10K, and Half over two days)! 
Bird-In-Hand Half – I really just want to run through Amish country!
Run Disney Disneyland Half Marathon/Tinker Bell Half Marathon/Wine and Dine Half Marathon – Just want to run in the Happiest Place On Earth! 
Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon – Umm no explanation needed really.  I love wine and I love to run…enough said.  I have heard nothing but good things about this race and it consistently gets rave reviews!
Ellensburg Run Like The Wind 5k or 10k – It just looks really pretty and I really want to do it, but it’s a rough time of  year schedule wise.  The first three weekends in June are race packed and we have Relay For Life, so who knows. 

I did a Bucket List Post last year as well.  Check it out HERE Some races made both lists.  Not very interested in the RNR races any longer.  I have heard too many negative things. 

Quick little Sky picture…

She loves to start her day with Mickey Mouse Club House.  It works well because she watches her cartoon and I do the dishes, get dressed, and get everything we need together for whatever our plans are for the day.  She has that look on her face the entire time! 

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