Good Morning!!!

It’s funny how much more I enjoy Monday’s now that I don’t work outside the home!  It’s just another fun morning around here! 

Starting out the day with sore, tired legs after an awesome killer run yesterday!  I missed all my First Sunday of the Month runs with El while Michelle and I were training for all the 1/2’s.  So it was nice to get back on track this month and run with her. 

I never get tired of running at Chambers Bay!

El is a much faster runner than I am, and it gives me tons of anxiety to run with her, but she’s also one of my longest time friends and I love her, so I suck it up and put the big girl running shoes on.  While I was still a bit anxious this time around I was also excited.  My runs have been pretty speedy lately and I was ready to see if I could maintain the faster pace for more than 4 miles.  El can run and talk no problem, so is a good distraction/motivator when it gets hard.   

If I can just keep that pace for another 6 miles I’m golden on my 1/2 PR goal for next year!!! 

Yep I can!!!  That is a good minute faster on that loop than I was while training!!!  While I still slowed down a little on the two hills I was still about 30 seconds faster on those hills than normal.  I haven’t run over 4 miles in a month so my legs are feeling it today, but nothing out of the normal “I ran hard and pushed myself” discomfort. 

After a great run (although it didn’t end great for El…her window was busted and purse stolen…boo to the jerk that did that!  At least the officer got a good lead from some peeps who saw a suspicious guy and took the time to write down the plate number/make/model of the car, and a unit was the way to his house (after running the plates the officer said the address was in drug central and he would put money on that being the guy based on the address alone) all before El even got back from the 4 miles she did without me.  Thankful they didn’t take the art deco, vintage windows I gave her, they were still in the car!) I came home to mimosa’s, football, Sky cuddles, and a little decorating around the house. 

 Love the random hugs and cuddles! 
Starbucks Red Holiday Cup!!!  Tis the Season!

If Starbucks says it’s time, then it’s time! 
All the decorations are up, except for the tree.  I don’t want to have the leave the tree alone battle with Sky for any longer than needed, so will probably wait until Turkey Day to do that. 

Any great runs or races this weekend?  Tell me about it!!! 

When do you decorate for Christmas? 

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