Thankful Friday

Since I preempted my Thankful Thursday post yesterday to share vital, time sensitive information, I’m making up for it today.  Sort of…I’m thankful all right, but I have other stuff to share as well! 

Things I’m Thankful For:
-My car seems to be running just fine now.  We have a couple of ideas as to why it wouldn’t start for a few days, have made a few changes as to how we handle the car and will see what happens. 

-That I was able to get in and out of Costco for under $100 and in about 20 minutes. 

-I have had a bit of spending money to work with.  Purchases have been made with more to come next week.  I will share after I have everything in hand.  All I’m going to say is it’s not possible to have enough running related clothing, but it is possible to have too much running related clothing.  😉

-I have a challenging, yet should be fun at the same time, run planned for Sunday with El!  We missed every single “first Sunday of the month run” during my 1/2 training, so it is really nice to get back on track with my El runs! 

-For good friends that let us invade their hood for some trick or treating! 

Which brings me to Halloween!  This year was the first time we took Sky out trick or treating.  Since we don’t have any neighbors our first stop was the grandparents, and then we headed to Reagan’s house so they could trick or treat together. 

 She wore this two days in a row…the above pic is from the Wednesday Stroller Group Run.
 Running up to Grammy and Grampy’s door. 
A bee and a zebra walked up to a door…
Those two girls are almost too cute to handle!  Sky was miles of smiles the entire time, running from house to house, and even charging right in when the door opened.  When it comes to getting candy she has no fear!  Thank you to Jodi and CW for letting us trick or treat in their neighborhood! 
Dressing Sky up in her bee costume seems to have flipped a switch with her.  She is all of a sudden all about dressing up.  We went through two dresses today, in addition to her “normal” outfit for the day, and her play outside cloths she put on to play with Daddy.  I already do too much laundry…it’s going to get out of control fast at this rate.  She really wanted her bee costume, but it needs to be washed first. 

Silver sparkly dress and fluffy pink coat to push the stroller around the house in.  Thank You Grandma Val for the cute coat!

Of course no day is complete without some unauthorized climbing…

…setting a great example for the other kiddo’s at Frog N Kiwi.  She was trying to find the crows nest.  Something else I’m thankful for today…Frog n Kiwi was not crowded at all, and all the parents were attentive to handling issues when they came up.  That is rare there! 

Lastly, I have added yet another 30 day challenge to November….


…a push up challenge!  I know I should focus on one challenge at a time, but the running ones and the 28 days of blessings one are easy for me, because I’m already passionate about both.  I really felt like I needed one that would be harder to “force” myself to do, and would focus on something that I need help with.  Arm strength is something I do not posses, and this will be a true challenge!  Plus, I didn’t run today and felt like I needed some sort of physical activity.

So to recap what my November looks like challenge wise:
30 Miles in 30 Days – loving all the comments and support from the other participants! 
Pile on the Miles – my goal for the month is a minimum of 40 miles which will more than accomplish the first challenge.
28 Days of Blessings – It was hard to just fill in day 1 today.  I feel like I could fill up 28, 28 day’s of blessing calendars.  I feel so thankful and blessed by so many things every single day! 
30 Day Push Up Challenge – I remember knocking out 50+ push ups in less than an hour in Stroller Fit Class…I want to get back to that!  

Who else is participating in a November challenge?

Push ups on your knees, or straight legged? 
I start out doing straight legs, but if form starts to suffer I drop to my knees and continue on.  Form is where it’s at, don’t every sacrifice good form! 

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