Nothing But Phone Photo’s

Today is going to be a busy day getting the house cleaned up and ready for Mark’s Birthday Zombie Movie Night.  That’s right he wanted to watch Zombie moves with friends for his birthday. 

Since I need to stop wasting time and get my butt in gear here are some photo’s from the phone the last week or so.  Have a great weekend everyone!   

Sky loves markers…thank goodness these were the washable kind!
Sky and Mark’s pumpkin above, mine below…original no?

Another fluffy pink coat picture.
 Maybe she’ll be a trail runner?  She did several hill repeats on this one and only fell once.

P.S. I kind of hate blogger right now.  It only let’s me make one picture per post large.  Anyone else a blogger user…any picture posting advice so I can make them all large like I used to be able to do?  At this rate I may need to look at other blog hosting options! 

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