I Interrupt Thankful Thursday For This Important Message

I’m pushing Thankful Thursday to tomorrow for a Thankful Friday post.  Today I have some links to share with some challenges and other stuff that all starts tomorrow! 

First up Old Navy is having an active wear sale that starts TODAY!  10/31-11/8.  There are several bloggers out there that love Old Navy for training runs, walking, cross training etc.  40% all active wear now until the 8th!  I have tried some of the tanks on, but they didn’t fit me right.  They have some cute stuff though, so go check it out!

Next a 28 day challenge that I am so excited about!!!  olivetorun blog is hosting a 28 day Count Your Blessings challenge.  Click HERE to read her post about the challenge! 

All you have to do is print the below calendar (there is a link to it in her post!), fill in a blessing/something your thankful for every day, take a picture at the end of the month, and share it with her.  Super easy! 

There is enough negative news stories, people complaining on FB, Twitter, etc about how cruddy life is…just a lot of negativity in general.  This is an excellent way to take a moment each day to think about the good things in your life and be thankful! 
Now for a couple of running/exercise related challenges for Nov.  I love these too because November starts the Holiday/ton’s of yummy food and treats Season.  It is so easy to slack off a bit with the cooler weather and busy holiday schedules.  But these next two challenges will help keep you motivated and fitting in your favorite outfits! 
I’ve already talked about this one, but since it starts tomorrow am mentioning it again.  SkinnyChick Blog is participating in a RunVember challenge, and has invited everyone to join in!  Check out her post about the challenge HERE  
Pretty basic, run 30 miles in 30 days.  Totally doable!  And, if you’re going to do this one you might as well do the next challenge as well!!! 
Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat is hosting a Pile On The Miles challenge in November.  Check out THIS link for all the details.  You need to set a goal, fill out the form which there is a link to in her blog post, check in the beginning of each week for accountability, and then work towards your goal.  It’s pretty easy and there is an awesome prize drawing as well!!! 
Please go visit the blog links I included, even if you don’t participate in the challenges.  All three blogs are really fun to read! 
Who’s in?!  What are your November goals?
My goal for November is 40 miles for the month.  After finishing the Half Fanatic quest I have dropped off on the longer runs.  I’m still running, but only 3 to 4 miles per run.  I can continue to do that and hit 10 a week no problem, but I’m hoping that the November challenges will help get me back into the early morning weekend long runs.  I’m not a truly happy runner until I hit mile 5, so need to get back to 5 or more mile runs! 
It wouldn’t be a complete post without a quick Sky Pic…
  …she takes cleaning her plate seriously!  Apparently she liked the fajita’s I made last night!  

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