Tuesday Night Beer Run with adidas!

Michelle and I had so much fun last night!  Can you believe last nights run was our first run together since Race For A Soldier, exactly a month ago?!  We spent the whole summer running together and then apparently needed a break.  😉 

Just kidding, we were smart when we scheduled our races and knew life was going to get crazy busy after 9/29, add in Sky and Michelle being sick, and running together just didn’t work out.

We are back though!  Two beers and 3.89 miles back!  The weather was actually pretty perfect for an evening run, thank goodness it didn’t rain otherwise it would have been miserable.  It’s really hard to run, cool down, run, cool down, and run again.  Add in beer and it’s a bit of a challenge. 

Our first pre-beer mile was 9:18 our last, two beer’s in, mile was 10:31 and that felt hard to maintain.  Legs were heavy, not sure if it was cooling down or the beer, and burping beer while running made for an interesting last mile back to the store.  But, it was so much fun, can’t wait for the next beer run! 

We were wondering if drinking beer then running gets you tipsy faster, or helps you process it faster so it doesn’t hit you as hard?  I suppose I could google that and find out. 

 Above and below stop #2 at MaGoos, and a photo op with Batman (and his crooked nose)!
 Stop #1 at The Parkway (I always do that with my leg in every picture)!

A big shout out to adidas and Tim for sponsoring the run!  I was already a huge adidas fan thanks to my Energy Boost shoes, but now that they sponsored a beer run it’s an over the top love affair!

Seriously I’m still in love with my Boost shoes!  I’m about 150 miles into them and they still feel great.  I have zero issues when I run in them, no blisters, no inserts needed, and they are my go to start line and long run shoe.  Plus some of the new colors are awesome!   

Energy Boost and adidas For Life!!! 

All sorts of running fun around here…today’s stroller run is all about the tata’s!  Moving Comfort is joining us for fittings and discounts!  Super excited!  No pictures of that though!  🙂

What’s your go to, all time favorite running shoe? 

P.S. I have never been asked to post about any of my running gear by the store or vendors.  I share my love of adidas (and any other brand/items) purely because I want to share the joy, and provide feedback that may help others when it comes to finding the right shoe (or gear) for them.  Financially I can’t afford to make too many wrong choices when it comes to running related purchases, so I count on blog/customer reviews/advice from those that use the item already before I make my purchases.  Just trying to help others do the same.    

If I ever do a sponsored post you will know up front! 

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