From I Run, Run to I Cuddle

Yesterday Sky was all “I run, run” and today she is all “I cuddle”.  My car still isn’t starting, so it’s a good day for her to want to lounge around cuddling.  There are worse things in the world than being “stuck” home all day with a cuddle bug!

No run to the park today since I have the group run tonight.  I’m just not a two a day girl at all (especially when run #1 would be pushing the stroller and run #2 is with a much faster group of runners).  Besides yesterdays run blasted my legs.  I had several days off too, but I think the massage worked em over pretty good since they were tired from the start. 

The upside of running with Sky is there are lot’s of breaks for stuff like this…

I was actually hoping she would swing/play at the park longer than she did.  Even though I purposely kept a slow, easy pace my legs felt like led, and I really wanted the play break so I could re-gather myself for the run up the hill back home.  But, Sky had other ideas.  After a few minutes of swinging she jumped off the swing, said “I run, run” and took off towards the lake and home. 

I’m looking forward to a speedy beer run with the group tonight!  I have a hard time running fast enough to keep up without beer on board, so will see how I do with two beer stops scheduled tonight.  I love that adidas is the sponsor for tonight’s run!!!  My favorite shoes, favorite rep, and one of my favorite beverages all together! 

I don’t usually run with my phone, but think the photo op potential for a beer run are going to be pretty high tonight!

What’s your favorite beer?   
I love Blue Moon, but am hoping for some seasonal options for tonight’s run!

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