Ready for a RunVember Challenge?!

Who’s going to join me for this?!  You can run 1 mile a day, 16 a week, or whatever combination you want.  Just hit 30 for the month! 

Thank you Skinny Chick Blog for the idea!  Check out her blog HERE ! 

Sky got her run on today.  She actually cut my run short because she was yelling “I run, run…I run, run” over and over.  So after 2.5 I gave up on my run and let her out of the stroller.  She got .28’ish in before seeing the playground and then it was all over.  But still, I’m loving that she is loving running so much. 

Our view today…no sun, just fog, but still beautiful in it’s own way!

Disclaimer…this is all her.  I don’t suggest she run, ask her to run, talk her into running.  She runs because she constantly asks me to run, run.  She goes as far as she wants as fast or slow as she wants.  I’m just along for the ride.  And, BTW there are plenty of times she asks to run, run that she doesn’t get to.  If it doesn’t work with the schedule then it doesn’t work.  I indulge her when I can, but never force her.

She has lot’s of other, non-running, interests such as:

    Helping in the kitchen!

I hope you all have a fun filled weekend ahead!
Anyone else have kiddos that run? 
How young is too young, and how far is too far?  Let me know what you think!

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