Thankful Thursday

Some day’s it’s harder than others to be thankful.  But, that’s the whole point of why I started doing Thankful Thursdays. 

So, while there is a bit of stress today I am still thankful for a few things… 

-That Sky was perfectly pleasant grocery shopping this morning.  While she did kick one of her shoes off in Costco, and I didn’t find it so she now has no running shoes, I’m thankful that nothing worse than that happened.

-I don’t mind fog.  It’s kind of cozy and quiet.  It’s a good thing I don’t mind it because it has been nothing but fog for weeks now. 

-Thankful for the few hours of sun break that Lakewood gets every now and then from the fog, because it led to this picture yesterday afternoon…

Sky’s shadow looks so tall!!!
-I’m thankful that we live so close to Ft. Steilacoom Park!  It means that we can drop everything at a moments notice and enjoy the sun, and Sky gets to run, run when she has energy to burn.  Yesterday there was a cross country event going on, so we stopped for a bit to cheer the runners as they went past.   
-Lastly I’m thankful that while Sky isn’t sleeping during nap time the last few days at least she’s laying in there talking and singing quietly to her toys.  I get a little bit of peace and she gets to rest her body even if she isn’t sleeping.
Tell me one thing you are thankful for today!

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