Twisted Hair and Stuff

Anyone else hate growing their hair out?!  Yep, me too.  Thankfully my hair grows pretty fast, but still there is a stage in every grow-out attempt, sometimes more than one stage, that you just can’t do a thing with it.  Going from pixi’ish short to angled, just below the ears, bob = frustration! 

I’m fine with where it’s at right now though, because I know the end result is going to be amazing!!!  But, it also means there is long hair in my eyes that I can’t stand.  The result is a lot of this…

…not making this pic big because my forehead is already ginormous enough!  I either pin it, twist it, clip it, or braid it back out of my face almost every day.  For special, I need/want to look nice, occasions I will leave it down for a tussled in my eyes look, but I can only handle that for a few hours.

Sky was super thrilled about the stroller run today…I was super thrilled about the fog.  I actually kind of like the fog, but it made for extra cautious street crossings with the strollers. 

Her biggest issue I think is that I’m running and she isn’t.  She finished her snack super fast, before the run even started so I kept hearing “I want out”, “I run, run”.  I just can’t slow the group down that much.  I may have to start letting her out on the last home stretch back to the store though.  She just isn’t happy if she isn’t running. 

I had an awesome run with the Tuesday Night group last night!  I must be getting faster because I wasn’t the last one this time!  When I left the house it was sunny and nice, but Tacoma was full of fog.  I didn’t bring my headlamp, so I ran my a$$ off to keep up with the group.  It helped that there were a few people behind me, and I could hear them talking.  So I pushed to stay ahead of them.  I just didn’t want to get left alone in the dark and fog….it’s not that it’s not safe, but it isn’t safe.  If that makes sense. 

Mile 1 – 9:22
Mile 2 – 9:36
Mile 3 – 8:50 – Felt like I was hauling a$$, turns out I was, for me anyway. 

Next week is a beer run, and I’m so excited.  Not sure how drinking beer and running is going to work for me, but I’m going to give it my best attempt! 

It’s driving me crazy not to have a half on the calendar until April.  I miss it!!!  Miss the training, miss the distance, miss the discipline.  I think I’m addicted to 13.1.  Tempted to sign up for every 5K and 10K I can find between now and then just so I have some races to look forward to. 

Funny yet annoying new thing Sky is doing.  She is all of a sudden very, very opinionated about which direction I’m driving.  If I turn right and she wanted to go left it’s screaming, crying and yelling “no go this way”.  Every time we go anywhere she gets upset about how I’m getting us there.  Fun times I tell you. 

Please tell me your toddler is doing something funny and/or annoying as well! 

What races are people doing?  I’m really needing to find some fun ones to run!

Anyone done a beer run? 

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