Changes to the Blog

I have made some blog updates the last few weeks! 

Why?  Well because:

One, even if my parents and sister are the only ones who read it I want it to be well put together. 

Two, I do have a few more readers lately some I know, some I don’t, and again want to try and put together a nice blog for those that do take the time to read it. 

Three, I’m doing a 30 day blog challenge.  For no other reason than to fix things/add things that I would never have thought to do. 

Don’t worry, this is still mostly a blog about my life, running, cooking, and Sky pictures.  I’m not going to change drastically on you guys, and try to make money our build up a huge readership.  It’s something I do for fun, but could probably make it more professional as well.  If it did turn into something bigger great, but if not that was never really the point anyway.   

Most of the changes have been pretty small.  Visually I changed the template and updated the colors.  I have also added new pages, tabs you will see just under the picture and above the posts each day.  The new pages offer some background behind why the name, who I am, what the blog is about and how it’s operated, and contact info.  I also added some following options on the right side if you want the posts sent to your email etc. 

I hope you enjoy the new look and take a few minutes to visit the new tabs. 

Back to regularly scheduled posting and Sky pics tomorrow!

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