Foot Zone Therapy is Amazing!

Before I get to the Foot Zone Therapy I have big Stroller Group news to share. 

Tomorrow at 10am Saucony is coming down to hang out with the group!  First time a shoe company has visited our group!  They will either be bringing Saucony shoes or Visi-Pro apparel to test out.

If you feel like a 3 mile run, or walk please feel free to join us, even if you don’t have a stroller.  I’ll let you push mine!

A few weeks ago at Fleet Feet Tacoma Diva Night I won a free Foot Zone Therapy session, and today I indulged my feet for 60 glorious minutes!  More info on Foot Zone Therapy HERE

Thank you to Heidi Bee of Sole Impact LLC.  After an hour of working on my feet they feel light, energized, and ready to run!  She got into some hot spots and worked them out, and was able to tell me which organs/parts of the body are connected to the parts of the foot she was working on. 

Everyone, not just runners, put their feet through the fire every day.  I highly recommend a session with Heidi!  You can contact her at to schedule some time with her!  DO IT!!!

I’m looking forward to running on my feel good feet with the group tonight!

30 Day Plank and Squat Challenge Update:
Week one done!  I’m enjoying the planks have yet to hit the max I’m able to do pre-challenge, so it’s not too hard yet.  It’s coming though. 

The squats are getting to me.  My legs are just sore all. the. time.  Funny little store from my foot zone session today…She was working on a particularly gravely spot on my foot and said that it was the part of my foot that connects to the gluts.  Fired up much you think?!  It’s making running so much harder.  

Sky has been working on perfecting her self photography skills with my phone…

She’s also getting her yoga on with daddy…

Do your kiddo’s (or pets) work out with you?

Sky likes to foam roll with me, and sit on us when we are doing planks, sit up’s, stretching, or basically any time we are on the floor.  She tries to do some of the standing stretches and poses as well.

Anyone else out there had a Foot Zone Therapy treatment? 

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