I Love Sunday Mornings!

This Sunday started out unusually nice with an extra 1.5 hours of sleep.  Wearing Sky out at the park last night was the best decision I made all day! 

I love slow, lazy Sunday mornings.  Listening to ESPN & Fox pre-game shows, last minute check of my fantasy football teams, deciding which game we will watch, and breakfast.  Sunday breakfast is the best of the week!   

We both get our favorites on Sunday.  Above (for me) coffee, mimosa, perfectly fried egg with Frank’s hot sauce, bacon, and avocado toast.  For Sky, a perfectly runny fried egg, bacon, peanut butter toast, and milk.  It’s messy, but she loves it. 


I even love my new way of watching football.  Not much yelling, screaming, or cursing at the T.V.

Now I wrestle with Sky, we have tickle time, color, mute the game so we can read books and sing her favorite songs.  (Thank goodness I know football well enough that I don’t need sound to know what’s going on!!!)  Lot’s of running through the house to burn energy and then lot’s of snuggles before nap time. 

Life is so different with a kiddo, but it’s so much better!   

Any other football watchers out there?  Who’s your team?

P.S. Totally questioning the wisdom of a runner doing a 30 day squat challenge.  145 squat’s and a speedy 3 mile stroller run in 2 days = angry, angry legs.

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