Girls Day!

When Mark’s away the girls will play!  Actually the day started with a few errands and house cleaning.  But after nap time it was on! 

The sun was out and we both needed to get out and enjoy it.  I got an awesome, AWESOME stroller run in with Sky (more on that later…totally solidified my goals for next year today!), and then it was play time at the park. 

 Swinging is still her favorite thing!
 Trying to figure out the cargo net.
 Playground version of toddler containment.  She got in there and couldn’t figure out all she had to do was duck under it to get out. 

We came home and had our favorite “Daddy’s gone on a trip” dinner…Papa Murphy’s pizza!  I totally had something read to cook, but we played at the park for so long that I was just too darn tired to cook it. 

Sky was tired too and was ready for bed long before her normal bed time.  Which means an extra glass of wine for me!!!  Love sunny days full of productivity and fun!

I hope you’re all having a weekend full of fun and sun! 

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