Last Trainig Run DONE!

Now it’s time to rest, stretch, foam roll etc. and run a race Sunday!  So close to my running goal for the year being accomplished! 

Last night I got 3.56 miles in with the run group.  The .56 was extra due to a wrong turn.  While it wasn’t negative splits it was a fast pace (for me) from start to finish. 

Mile – Pace
1 – 9:25
2 – 9:40
3 – 9:50
4 – 5:20

It’s a new route for the group, and feels like it’s uphill both ways.  I know that isn’t possible…maybe my legs are tired, or the weather change makes every run seem hard, or I ran without music.  I don’t know why, but it felt harder, even with the faster pace, than I feel like it should have.

Ran 2.7 miles with the stroller group this morning at a pace that felt great.  We changed up the route a little too.  We wanted smoother roads and found a pretty route through UPS campus instead of on the street.  It was so pretty, and because we were distracted by the beautiful campus that stretch of the run flew by!  The perfect last run before race day!

Now to re-map it for the 3rd time.  Usually I pre-run the routes, pretty clear to me that slacking this time around was not a good idea!  This will be the 3rd change…although the 2nd change was due to construction not my slacking.  I have run all these streets before, just not all put together in a route, lesson learned.

I sort of feel like I get to coast the rest of the week.  Time to dial things down and rest the legs, body, and mind before race day.  Also time to hydrate and pay attention to what I’m eating leading up to Sunday. 

I decided these are the perfect pre-race carb load food!!! 

Seriously if you haven’t tried them yet go get some right now.  Run, don’t walk to the store!  Totally see a bag of these and my book happening this afternoon! 

Speaking of books Sky’s new thing is reading her books to me.  She grabs a book and says “I read to you” and goes through page by page telling you all about it.  So cute! 


I got kicked off the couch yesterday so she could read to Mickey and Pooh Bear.  Reading books is apparently a very serious thing…

…until she gets to her favorite page and just can’t contain herself.  Mickey and Pooh look pretty excited too! 

Anyone else running/racing this weekend? 



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