Last Day Of Summer

I hope everyone is out enjoying this last lovely day of PNW summer!  The sun is out and it’s a truly lovely day. 

I’ll admit I may have had a little bit of a brat fit, in my mind anyway, about not being able to go to the park/water front/hike etc today to really make the most of the last day of summer.  The gray months here and really gray and seem to go on forever, so I hold on to summer as long as I possible can. 

But, with Sky having a cold, and not sleeping or breathing very well, going out is not in the cards.  It made me sad until I realized two things:  1.  Sky being sick is forced pj day for me, with tons of snuggles and letting go of the to do list.  2.  Nap time  = this…

…what you don’t see is me sitting in the chair reading my bon appetite and new cookbook while watching ND football through the door to the deck! 

Even though it’s not Thankful Thursday I’m once again thankful for a few things:

-We waited until we were truly ready to start our family.  I may have missed a friends birthday celebration last night (I do feel bad for missing it), but I don’t feel like I was missing out in the least.  And, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on summer fun today.  When it comes right down to it I’m always going to pick Sky and Mark over anything and everyone else!  (Yes even running…gulp.)

-That our house, deck, and TV allow for sitting in the sun outside and still being able to clearly see and hear the TV.  It’s no secret how much I love sports…It feels pretty decadent to lounge outside with wine and magazines and watch football! 

-I’m also thankful that I was able to turn my fit into something positive.  It took a cup of coffee and a deep breath or two, but as soon as I realized I could skip hair/makeup/clothes and hang in pj’s with my favorite little girl on college football day…well there is really nothing to have a fit about is there?!  Especially when I remind myself that she isn’t early as cranky as she has a right to be for a little girl in a cast (I can tell it’s starting to get on her nerves) with a cold who isn’t sleeping or breathing worth a darn.

How are you spending the last official day of summer?

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