Stroller Run Group

We had an awesome run/walking group today!!!  Yannick (sp?) guy in the yellow shirt, is a regular at the Tuesday night run group, but he loves us so much he comes and volunteers to push strollers so the running momma’s get a break!!!  How awesome is that?! 

Something else awesome is the support from Umpqua Bank we had today.  We run past their windows every week and apparently that has been a source of inspiration for them.  So, they brought us brunch, prizes, and giveaways after our run/walk today! 

I love our stroller group!  I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!  I should probably come up with a way to celebrate a year of Stroller Running/Walking!!! 

I took a peak at the shirt I want to get tomorrow at Diva night, and yep I still want that shirt, and they have 2 of them in the color/size I want.  You better believe I’m going to be there right at 7:30 to get one of them!  After the wine happy hour though, for sure hitting the wine hour first!  So excited to blend girls night with running fun!!!

Time for a caption contest!!!  Ok it’s not much of a contest because I don’t have a prize, but this picture is too funny!

What do you think is going on in this picture?! 



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